• Is you past keeping you in a pit?

    There are things that keep us bottled up in a knot that are not productive, yet we cleave to them as if they are. That is a trick to keep us in a space that does not compliment us.

    So how do we move from there; that we get the best of ourselves for ourselves versus never advancing to a state of fulfillment that starts from within.

    2h 44m - Oct 3, 2022
  • just done

    If you have been in a crap-load of uncertainty but refuse to stop moving forward you know exactly what this is about

    2h 44m - Oct 3, 2022
  • What Matters

    If you want a better way of living then you must look at WHAT MATTERS

    12m - Sep 30, 2022
  • Find Out Who You Are

    Who are you? Where are you? Why are you?

    8m - Sep 20, 2022
  • Dream State A.t T.he S.tructuring In And Out Of Tears

    There comes a time when you realize that being SCREWED with, over, and thru has to give birth to LESSONS-LEARNED.Sharing with you breakthroughs prayed for.

    Why you can borrow my FAITH TILL YOU GET GET GET YOUR OWN!!!

    12m - Sep 20, 2022
  • Letz Talk It Out Not Fight It Out

    To talk about how abuse can be changed into






    must be done if we are to ever see HEAVEN ON EARTH!!

    2h 44m - Sep 20, 2022
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Sandra Luckey