Sanctuary SF

Sanctuary is a church plant in the heart of San Francisco, where we seek to both honor God’s Word and live by His Spirit. For us, success is loving well, one person at a time.


Tom Shaw | Who Do You Think You Are: Part 4
Show Details49min 19s
Tom Shaw | Who Do You Think You Are, Part 3
Show Details40min 46s
Tom Shaw | Who Do You Think You Are, Part 2
Show Details40min 13s
Tom Shaw | Who Do You Think You Are, Part 1
Show Details45min 7s
Tom Shaw | Slow Down to Live with Integrity
Show Details51min 30s
Rich Villodas | Making Incarnation Your Model for Loving
Show Details31min 47s
Tom Shaw | Embracing Grieving and Loss
Show Details45min 47s
Tom Shaw | Receiving the Gift of Limits
Show Details48min 31s
Tom Shaw | Living in Brokenness and Vulnerability
Show Details48min 50s
Bryan Mowrey | Encountering God
Show Details41min 4s
Tom Shaw | Breaking the Power of the Past
Show Details43min 19s
Terry Virgo | God's Lavish Grace
Show Details42min 23s
Navigating the Pandemic Within | Emotional Health Part 1
Show Details56min 29s
Andrew Wilson | What Do I Do With Suffering?
Show Details32min 21s
John Ortberg | Who Is This Man?
Show Details35min 13s
Tom Shaw | Life Without Lack: The Widow, The Wild Man, and God’s Provision
Show Details41min 43s
Tom Shaw | Storm Stories: Jesus Calms the Storm
Show Details35min 39s