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Sammy's Blush - Music

New music i'm listen to at the moment. With album track list, one song and a link to where you can hear the whole album (will update old podcast with links soon). Remember if you like any music listed, support the the singer/band by ordering it and adding it to your music collection. I don't do reviews, just add music here and let you choose if you like or not, feedback is always good, any suggestions to good websites where music can be ordered in your part of the world would be appreciated any suggestions to music i should try will get you a Sammy kiss hehe :) Time allowing i try to update frequently. Sammy


Native Harrow - Happier Now (2019)
Show Details3min 50s
Lina Maly - Könnten Augen alles sehen (2019)
Show Details4min 41s
The Paranoid Style – A Goddamn Impossible Way Of Life (2019)
Show Details2min 38s
Clairo – Immunity (2019)
Show Details3min 50s
Miynt - Stay on Your Mind (2019)
Show Details3min 26s
OK Button - Sepia Spectres (2019)
Show Details3min 32s
June The Girl - I Say Love (2019)
Show Details2min 46s
Swim Team - Home Time (2019)
Show Details3min 44s
The Derevolutions - It's a Derevolution, Baby (2019)
Show Details4min 20s
Eva And The Vagabond Tales - Uncharted Ocean (2019)
Show Details4min 48s
Defoe - Too Soon to Cry (2019)
Show Details4min 37s
Hildur – Intuition [EP] (2019)
Show Details3min 44s
Benee (BENEE) - Fire On Marzz [EP] (2019)
Show Details2min 33s
The Rhythm Method - How Would You Know I Was Lonely? (2019)
Show Details3min 54s
The High Dials - Primitive Feelings Pt.1 (2019)
Show Details3min 13s
The Rhythm Upstairs - Colored Everything (2019)
Show Details4min 32s
Julia Shapiro - Perfect Version (2019)
Show Details3min 26s
Low Hum - Room To Breathe (2019)
Show Details4min 5s
Wintersleep - In The Land Of (2019)
Show Details4min 18s
Whenyoung - Reasons To Dream (2019)
Show Details3min 28s
Guards - Modern Hymns (2019)
Show Details3min 34s
The Little Unsaid - Atomise (2019)
Show Details4min 2s
Flower Crown - Sundries (2019)
Show Details3min 41s
Swimming Tapes - Morningside (2019)
Show Details3min 2s
Nick Vivid - Blissed Out (2019)
Show Details4min 23s
$punk - Star Child (2019)
Show Details2min 40s
SISKIYOU - Not Somewhere (2019)
Show Details3min 44s
Dehd – Water (2019)
Show Details3min 13s
Crumb - Ghostride (2019)
Show Details3min 43s