SALT Talks

A series of digital interviews with the world's foremost investors, creators and thinkers.

SALT Talks provide a window into the minds of noteworthy business leaders, policy experts and innovators shaping the future.


Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder of Square, on his book "The Innovation Stack"
Show Details48min 28s
Mayors Stephen Benjamin & Michael Tubbs on Racial Inequality
Show Details47min 54s
Marc Lasry, Chairman of Avenue Capital Group, on Pandemic Investment Opportunities
Show Details37min 56s
Robert Draper, Writer-at-Large of The New York Times, on his book "To Start a War"
Show Details41min 21s
Rachel Bitecofer, Senior Elections Fellow of the Niskanen Center, on the 2020 Election
Show Details42min 5s
Alan Patricof, Co-Founder of Primetime Partners, on VC and the Future of Aging
Show Details49min 50s
Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient, on Gender Equality
Show Details43min 17s
Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool Sports, on Sports and Pop Culture
Show Details43min 5s
Sam Zell, Chairman of Equity Group Investments, on Economic Recovery
Show Details42min 14s
Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General, on the Crisis of Loneliness
Show Details40min 52s
General H.R. McMaster on National Security
Show Details44min 16s
Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, on Digital Assets
Show Details55min 32s
Marty Chavez, Chief Information Officer of Goldman Sachs, on AI and Life Sciences
Show Details51min 42s
Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the Obama Foundation, on Racial Equity
Show Details47min 26s
Steve Case, CEO of Revolution, on VC and the Post-COVID Economy
Show Details44min 44s