Sake & Tears #8

2h 13m | Sep 4, 2022

The second instalment of an unofficial two-parter, Episode 8 continues to survey the glorious sounds of Showa Kayo, laying siege to a an extensive haul of 7 inches acquired over the summer months. We’re clocking nearly 40 individual songs. We have show staples like Yujiro Ishihara, Keiko Fuji, Shinichi Mori making return appearances, including a rare super low-key alternative edition of Tetsuya Watari’s ‘Tokyo Drifter’, but the meat of this month’s show is designated for the under appreciated stars of the Showa Kayo world. We have some stirring roots rock via Akiko Wada, some harrowing, super moody Kayo from doomed songstress Hiroko Tomo and two lesser-known cuts from Reiko Ike’s ‘porno-groove’ masterpiece ‘World of Ecstasy’, which caused a stir on its release in 1971, in no small part due to it’s x-rated front cover. There are also haunted lounge versions of two well-known Kayo standards by glamorous model and actress Ako Midorikawa, an opulent, unrequited love ballad by golden voiced Kazuo Funaki and a strangely bewitching and certified ear-worm by Yumiko Kokonoe. We even have a back to back comparison of Tomio Umezawa’s most well known tune, a Led Zep-referencing power ballad and some New Romantic bargain bin gold from boy band ‘Safety Zone’ and a silky, 80's funk ballad from starlet Yuri Honma. There’s even a ghostly, rare concert rendition of show tune and big band singer Yoko Kishi's most famous song ‘Two Stars’, which has been reduced to a funeral ballad and sounds like a stray Nico live cut from the late 80’s. All this amongst the usual late-night whiskey nursers you’d expect. Minimal narration on this month’s edition to allow you to plumb the bargain bin depths, uninterrupted. Full Track List Below:

1.    欧陽菲菲 - 雨のヨコハマ

Ouyang Fei Fei – Rainy Yokohama

2.    本間由里 – こんな夜は

Yuri Honma – Such A Night

3.    美川憲一 - 一番列車の女

Kenichi Mikawa – The Woman on the First Train

4.    和田アキ子 – 放浪(さすらい)・ヨコスカ

Akiko Wada – Wandering/Yokosuka

5.    和田アキ子* – 流れ星

Akiko Wada – Shooting Star

6.    吉村繪梨子 - 逢う時はいつも

Eriko Yoshimura – Whenever I Meet You

7.    九重佑三子 – くちづけからもう一度

Yumiko Kokonoe – Kissing You Again

8.    渡るり子 – どろんこブルース

Ruriko Watari – Doronko Blues

9.    渡 哲也 – 東京流れ者

Tetsuya Watari – Tokyo Drifter (Alternate Slower Version)

10. アン真理子 - 恋のプリンセス

Mariko Ann – Princess of Love

11. 舟木一夫 - 赤坂の夜は更けて

Kazuo Funaki – Late Night In Akasaka

12. 森進一 – 年上の女

Shinichi Mori – The Older Woman

13. 池玲子 - 私という女

Reiko Ike – A Woman Named

14. 池玲子 - 愛のきずな

Reiko Ike - Bonds of Love

15. 近藤正臣 - そんな女の子だから

Masaomi Kondō - Because of the Girl

16. 青山和子 - 夢を下さい

Kazuko Aoyama – Please Give Me A Dream

17. 丸山圭子 – どうぞこのまま

Keiko Maruyama – Please Leave Things As They Are

18. 野路由紀子 – 三つの涙

Yukiko Noji – Three Tears

19. 大木英夫 & 津山洋子 - 新宿そだち

Hideo Oki & Yoko Tsuyama – Shinjuku Raised

20. 園 まり - 淋しかったの

Mari Sono – I was Lonely

21. 泉ちどり– 緋ざくら仁義

Izumi Chidori - Hitoshi Scarlet Sakura


22. 津田耕次 – 河内遊侠伝

Koji Tsuda – Kawachi Yuuden

23. 石原裕次郎 - 忘れるものか

Yuji Ishihara – What To Forget

24. 緑川アコ - カスバの女

Ako Midorikawa – Kasabah Woman

25. 緑川アコ - 夢は夜ひらく

Ako Midorikawa – Dreams Open at Night

26. 青山ミチ - 俺のブルース

Michi Aoyama – My Blues

27. 勝彩也 - 恋あざみ

Aya Katsu – Koi Azami

28. 辺見マリ - 経験 - 辺見マリ

Mari Henmi – Experience

29. 佳川ヨコ - 女だからといって

Yoko Kagawa – Just Because She’s a Woman

30. 朋ひろこ - 女のなみだ

Hiroko Tomo – It’a Woman’s Name

31. 朋ひろこ - 涙かれて

Hiroko Tomo – Tears

32. 城卓矢 – なぐりとばして別れようか

Takuya Jo - Let's skip it and say goodbye

33. 鮎川いずみ - 冬の花

Izumi Ayukawa – Winter Flowers

34. 安全地帯 - Yのテンション 

Safety Zone – Y Tension

35. 梅沢富美男 - 夢芝居

Tomio Umezawa – Yume Shibai

36. 森昌子 - 夢芝居

Masako mori – Yume Shibai

37. 岸洋子 - 二人の星

Yoko Kishi – Two Stars (Rare Live version)

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