Saints for Slackers

Saints for Slacker is a NEW Podcast launching Lent 2021 to share little daily inspirations for those who need hope but just can’t take one more friggin’ thing. 

For 40 days, there will be a brief reflection based on 1 quote from 1 saint by 1 person and a new hilarious "wannabe patron saint" generated by our team of slackers. This is not at all meant to make light of this holy season of Lent, but rather to help lighten our hearts that have endured such great hardships, especially over the past year.

So come join us! It'll be fun and inspiring, as we're all called to holiness - even us slackers!


Episode 40: Easter Sunday - Glory Stories
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 39: Holy Saturday Divine Mercy Reflection
Show Details12min 47s
Episode 38: Good Friday Meditation
Show Details9min 24s
Episode 37: St. John Paul the Great
Show Details10min 38s
Episode 36: Blessed Carlo Acutis
Show Details9min 44s
Episode 35: Blessed Chiara Badano
Show Details10min 12s
Episode 34: St. Josemaría Escríva
Show Details8min 24s
Episode 33: St. Augusta of Treviso
Show Details8min 14s
Episode 32: Blessed Conchita
Show Details10min 58s
Episode 31: Blessed Chiara Corbella Petrillo
Show Details11min 17s
Episode 30: St. Bernadette
Show Details8min 45s
Episode 29: St. Ignatius of Loyola
Show Details7min 48s
Episode 28: St. Catherine Laboure
Show Details10min 17s
Episode 27: St. Christopher
Show Details10min 13s
Episode 26: St. Joseph
Show Details8min 20s
Episode 25: St. Edith Stein
Show Details8min 48s
Episode 24: St. Patrick
Show Details9min 53s
Episode 23: St. Lawrence
Show Details10min 1s
Episode 22: St. Hildegard
Show Details9min 51s
Episode 21: St. Joseph of Cupertino
Show Details9min 11s
Episode 20: St. Joan of Arc
Show Details9min 16s
Episode 19: St. Maximilian Kolbe
Show Details8min 29s
Episode 18: St. Pope John Paul II, Strong Families Create Saints
Show Details10min 35s
Episode 17: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Show Details8min 36s
Episode 16: St. Benedict
Show Details9min 14s
Episode 15: St. Veronica
Show Details8min 50s
Episode 14: St. Louis Martin
Show Details8min 44s
Episode 13: St. Zélie Guérin Martin
Show Details10min 59s
Episode 12: St. Gianna Molla
Show Details8min 18s
Episode 11: Our Lady of Guadalupe
Show Details8min 19s
Episode 10: St. Francis de Sales
Show Details8min 17s
Episode 9: Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
Show Details8min 15s
Episode 8: St. Pio
Show Details8min 29s
Episode 7: St. John Vianney
Show Details8min 56s
Episode 6: St. Faustina
Show Details6min 57s
Episode 5: St. John XXIII
Show Details7min 39s
Episode 4: St. Teresa of Avila
Show Details7min 13s
Episode 3: St. Teresa of Calcutta
Show Details6min 17s
Episode 2: St. Albert the Great
Show Details6min 13s
Episode 1: Blessed Solanus Casey
Show Details5min 15s
Episode 0: START HERE Founders' Intro to Saints for Slacker
Show Details11min 14s
Pre-launch Invitation to Slackers from Slackers
Show Details10min 38s