Sad Times

Bob Dylan once said, "Life is Sad, Life is a bust/All you can do is do what you must". We believe that sentiment is true at one time or another for all of us, but as a society we don't always share the feelings, thoughts and actions that accompany these moments. Sad Times has a guest each episode and we talk with him or her about how sadness manifests within him or her; what type of behavior that may surface as a result from being sad. It is my firm belief that if we could just talk a bit more about these things, we might be able to better understand each other, and perhaps feel more content in day to day life.


ForthHand Media Roundtable - Covid-19
Show Details56min 7s
Tach Van Sickle | 19
Show Details56min 4s
Bob LeGere | 18
Show Details1hr 32min
Jenny Chau | 17
Show Details41min 55s
Ali Joseph | 16
Show Details1hr 1min
Ray Walden | 15
Show Details1hr 10min
Update | 14
Show Details12min 39s
Jason Weaver | 13
Show Details59min 6s
J.T.R. Brown | 12
Show Details1hr 17min
Brent Hand of Hysteria 51 | 11
Show Details1hr 9min
Haily Wineland | 10
Show Details58min 26s
Jon Penick | 9
Show Details56min 21s
Jennifer Burroughs | 8
Show Details53min 34s
John Dooley | 7
Show Details1hr 4min
Kelly Fehrenbach | 6
Show Details57min
Kelly Harding | 5
Show Details1hr 15min
Michael | 4
Show Details1hr 4min
Lauren Sivak | 3
Show Details56min 21s
Jennifer Burroughs | 2
Show Details56min 56s
Chris Marcum | 1
Show Details1hr 7min