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Sacred Heart Rochelle Park Sermons

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People Always Remember How We Make Them Feel
Show Details8min 16s
Jesus Gives a New Command
Show Details6min 19s
Why Should We Be Good?
Show Details7min 34s
God of Mercy and Compassion
Show Details7min 17s
Share the Good News
Show Details6min 31s
Holding Fast to One Another
Show Details6min 1s
I Want to be the Stone
Show Details5min 49s
The Story of the Blind Man
Show Details6min 24s
Everybody Has a Hungry Heart
Show Details6min 47s
Claiming Our True Identity
Show Details7min 12s
Sin Versus Freedom
Show Details6min 28s
You Know What You Want. Do You Know What You Need?
Show Details7min 33s
Approaching, Grabbing, and Lifting Up
Show Details6min 47s
We are the sowers of the seed
Show Details7min 13s
Show Details6min 54s
Claim Your Goodness
Show Details6min 14s
The Comma
Show Details6min 40s
What God Dreams For Us
Show Details5min 29s
The Freedom and the Faith of John the Baptist
Show Details6min 32s
Where do we Find Assurance of God's Presence in Our Lives?
Show Details7min 48s
Three Gifts, Three Kings
Show Details9min 14s
The Cost of Family Love
Show Details8min 3s
A Response to Change History
Show Details7min 29s
Celebrating A Just Christmas
Show Details7min 41s
Attitude of Gratitude. Do you have it?
Show Details10min 26s
Can you explain the Holy Trinity?
Show Details7min 34s
Happy Birthday!
Show Details8min 46s
"We've always done it that way!"
Show Details9min 8s
The Advocate. The Holy Spirit.
Show Details9min 26s
Leading By Example
Show Details15min 10s
Do you actually know what a shepherd does?
Show Details8min 29s
Would you recognize Him?
Show Details12min 17s
"Peace be with you"
Show Details9min 10s
Easter Sunday - Resurrection
Show Details9min 45s
Holy Week: Are You Fully Connected?
Show Details6min 38s
We Don't Believe We Can Change
Show Details9min 16s
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Show Details11min
Love Your Enemies!?
Show Details7min 47s
Show Details8min 11s
Small Groups and Lenten Messages
Show Details1min 1s