Season A - Ep. 9: Mark Znutas, VP of GTM Strategy and Operations at HubSpot on RevOps

22m | Jul 5, 2021

Mark Znutas, Vice President of Go-to-Market Strategy and Operations at HubSpot, discusses HubSpot’s RevOps and how it aligns Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. We also covered HubSpot’s go-to-Market strategy, which has changed drastically over the years.

Mark Znutas' Bio

Mark is a VP of GTM Strategy and Operationsl at HubSpot, where he leads Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. Mark has held several key roles in RevOps at HubSpot, when the company started expanding beyond its core Marketing software. Prior to HubSpot, Mark was a Manager of Global Field Solutions at Affinnova (acquired by Nielsen).

Time Stamps

00:20 HubSpot and Mark’s background

01:20 Revenue Operations and how it works at HubSpot

07:50 Go-to-Market strategy

08:40 HubSpot’s unconventional move to Product Led Growth

10:35 Three components of a growth strategy

17:40 HubSpot’s expansion from Marketing Software to CRM

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