Rules Are Overrated

There is no shortage of rules, or opinions, coming at us. In a time when we are inundated with constant and deafening influence, how can we find ourselves, our own opinions, amidst the chaos?


These rules of the road have been handed down to us generation after generation. Respectfully, we are here to challenge all of them. Join Andrew, Chris, and CVH once a week in questioning everything. Because the only rule to life, is that there are, no rules to life.


E05 | How do you Gauge your Self Worth?
Show Details50min 44s
E04 | Breaking Through Average
Show Details47min 36s
E03 | The Horrid Topic of Networking
Show Details52min 30s
E02 | Getting to the Next Level
Show Details45min 34s
E01 | It's Never the What, It's Always the How
Show Details38min 34s