#124: Textbook Narcissism & Trump v. DeSentis - The RubenPrime Podcast

1h 2m | May 29, 2023

#Narcissism #MentalHealth #2024Election #Trump #DeSentis #KimKardashian

The 124th episode of the RubenPrime Podcast "Textbook Narcissism & Trump v. DeSentis"

On this episode of the podcast, I discuss where I've been lately, whats been going on with my personal life.

I also discuss people's exhibition of Narcissism and how social media has magnified this problem.

Finally, I discuss Trump v DeSentis battle for the 2024 election. My thoughts on DeSentis running and how I think this election could play out.

Recorded on May 25, 2023

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