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RPA For Everyone

RPA For Everyone is an education initiative with the mission to make Robotic Process Automation (RPA) simple and accessible to Everyone.

This show firmly believes that anyone and everyone can learn to build their own software bots whilst building a skill set that is also a potential value-add for your career growth!

The RPA technology has revolutionised the way companies run their business processes. This means that many jobs that rely heavily on data entry are now being performed by a software robot, thereby relieving the humans who were previoulsy doing them.

This frees up the people to do more meaningful work such as skill enhancement, process improvement, cross-training team members for different job responsibilities, the list goes on.

Now, the automation technology is here to stay, what is called RPA today may be something else in the future. But the fact remains that automation is the wheel of progress that moves industries forward. Industrial automation over the past 5 decades is proof of this.

So, while the software bots work away and free us from boring tasks, why not learn how to build more of them!

RPA For Everyone is a Do-It-Yourself approach to quick-and-easy automation! Come, learn to build your own software bots and automate your way to a better career!