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Roundtable is a podcast created by MECA. The Mount Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency (MECA) is an independent community-based organisation dedicated to informing, linking and empowering people from culturally diverse backgrounds to enhance a culturally rich and diverse Australia.


Roundtable with Emma Smith
Show Details15min 33s
Roundtable with Jina Adjan: Refugee Week 2021
Show Details25min 31s
Roundtable with Mustafa & Tagreed: Refugee Week 2021
Show Details29min 21s
Roundtable with Zainab Al-Jawadi: Refugee Week 2021
Show Details30min 32s
Roundtable with Rosemary Kariuki: Refugee Week 2021
Show Details23min 35s
Roundtable with Abulla Agwa: Refugee Week 2021
Show Details44min 29s