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Rough Injury Recovery Podcast

A South-Korean human being recording himself recovering from a rough injury. Why not.


RIR 14 The Unexpected Continual of this Podcast
Show Details29min 28s
RIR 13 A New Episode in a Long Time: School Tomorrow!
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RIR 12 Cat Stories and Sword Impressions
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RIR 11 Podcast Wars: The Return of the A Yeon
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RIR 10 Dune: The Podcast
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RIR 09 The Absence of A Yeon is Amounting
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RIR 08 Podcasting Alone: No Sister Edition (but a surprise visit!)
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RIR 07 The Cat Catastrophe: A Pawful of Fight Fury
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RIR 06 A Downer Episode
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RIR 05 The Latest Podcast Ever: Crazy and Funny as Hell Entertainment
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RIR 04 A Charade of Knock Knock Jokes
Show Details26min 48s
RIR 03 Special Guest: My Sister!
Show Details23min 34s
RIR 02 The Follow-Up and Thought Experiments
Show Details31min
RIR 01 The Injury
Show Details21min 26s