Rosemary by The Bucketful

A podcast on all things occult, witchy and spiritual. Ran by two great folk practitioners, Lancel and Betty Anne. Grab your favourite drink and join us for an open discussion involving magick. Every episode is a short 30 minute discussion.


13: Alternative Healing & Modern Medicine in The Occult Community w/Megan Black
Show Details49min 39s
12: The Importance of Queer and BIPOC Inclusivity w/BanexBramble
Show Details47min 51s
11: Community Vs Coven; A Minisode!
Show Details22min 47s
10: Money Magick w/WarriorWitchNike
Show Details41min 20s
09: Tips for Beginner Witches
Show Details33min 30s
08: Social Media & Witchcraft w/Witchofsouthernlight & Daatdarling
Show Details52min 47s
07: The Basics of Candle Magick
Show Details23min 5s
06: "Bad Cards" in Tarot; A Minisode!
Show Details19min 57s
05: Celebrating Yule & Winter Solstice
Show Details26min 3s
04: Witchcraft's Impacts on Mental Health w/Megan Black
Show Details56min 3s
03: Coffee & Tea Magick; A Minisode!
Show Details16min 55s
02: Altar Magick & Creating Sacred Space
Show Details30min 13s
01: Working with Our Ancestors
Show Details28min 6s