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Digital Love - Final Fantasy Tactics
Show Details55min 48s
Top 3 FPSs
Show Details50min 30s
PAOW! LiveALive and FF14
Show Details46min 51s
Gerald Hill - Voice Actor, Artist, and Writer
Show Details55min 52s
Raised By Spoilers - Dungeons and Dragons 2000
Show Details1hr 40min
Gamescom 2022
Show Details43min 1s
Classic - One Dungeons & Dragons
Show Details55min 30s
Classic - Marvel Phase 5 & 6
Show Details37min 46s
Classic - Hunt Showdown Serpent Moon
Show Details45min 11s
Raised By Spoilers - Pathfinder
Show Details55min 49s
Classic - Final Fantasy 14 & Game Monetization
Show Details56min 7s
Bonus - Rob and Adam Shoot the Shit
Show Details14min 59s
Bonus - D&D 2023 Movie Talk
Show Details17min 24s
Classic - Top 3 Video Game Stories
Show Details1hr 4min
Classic - Thor Love & Thunder
Show Details1hr 2min
Classic - Delta Green with Negative Modifier podcast
Show Details44min 51s
Classic - Obi-Wan Kenobi Finale
Show Details54min 44s
Raised By Spoilers - Masters of the Universe
Show Details1hr 11min
Classic - Boltgun, Street Fighter 6, Diablo Immoral
Show Details53min 39s
Digital Love - Pathfinder
Show Details52min 20s
Classic - The Boys S3 & Obi-Wan Kenobi
Show Details57min 24s
Digital Love - Slime Rancher
Show Details43min 7s
Raised By Spoilers - Dark City
Show Details1hr 9min
Classic - Toonami
Show Details48min 39s
Classic - Love, Death and Robots S3
Show Details1hr 5min
Classic - Moon Knight
Show Details43min 2s
Classic - Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Show Details48min 39s
Digital Love - Don't Starve
Show Details36min 55s
Digital Love - Elden Ring
Show Details1hr 12min
Speedrun - Sword Art Online
Show Details9min 58s
Classic - Halo Episodes 1-2 Review
Show Details49min 20s
Raised By Spoilers - Barbarella
Show Details2hr 4min
Classic - Elden Ring
Show Details57min 49s
Speedrun - Elden Ring
Show Details10min 14s
Classic - The Batman
Show Details48min 17s
Classic - The Boys Diabolical
Show Details1hr 1min
Speedrun - Total War Warhammer 3
Show Details10min 18s
Classic - TriangleStrategy, Hero's Hour, Dragon Quest Builders
Show Details41min 48s
Classic - Elden Ring & The Boys
Show Details58min 18s
Raised By Spoilers: Dune 1984
Show Details1hr 18min
Classic - What We Are Excited for in 2022
Show Details51min 20s
Classic - Book of Boba Fett Review
Show Details58min 29s
Speedrun: Pokemon Arceus
Show Details11min 10s
Speedrun: Vampire Survivors
Show Details11min 5s
Digital Love: Monster Hunter Rise
Show Details50min 9s
Activision Blizzard and Microsoft Purchase
Show Details39min 2s
PAOW! Gundams, Shin Megami Tensei 5, Avatar the Good One - 161
Show Details58min 36s
Raised By Spoilers - Brotherhood of the Wolf
Show Details55min 40s
Spiderman: No Way Home & Matrix 4 - 160
Show Details59min 46s
Witcher Season 2 - 159
Show Details48min 53s
Book of Boba Fett Chapters 1 & 2 - 158
Show Details25min 18s
Worst Games/Shows We Watched or Played in 2021 - 157
Show Details1hr 16min
Digital Love - Katamari Reroll
Show Details47min 5s
Worst Launches of 2021 - 156
Show Details51min 36s
Good Games You Never Played in 2021 - 155
Show Details53min 11s
Raised By Spoilers - Flash Gordon
Show Details1hr 2min
Arcane Part 2 & More Cowboy Bebop - 154
Show Details52min 14s
Cowboy Bebop Live Action, Eternals (Spoilers!) - 153
Show Details1hr 8min
Worst Retcons Ever - 152
Show Details53min 27s
Digital Love - World of Warcraft
Show Details1hr 3min
Arcane on Netflix, Ep 1-3 Review - Ep 151
Show Details1hr 9min
150 - Duel of Fates Part 2: Hollow Knight vs XCOM 2
Show Details56min 15s
Spookpasta Spectacular 2021 - Halloween Special
Show Details48min 6s
Eastward, Squid Game (No Spoilers), Diablo 2: Resurrected - PAOW!, Ep 148
Show Details43min 16s
The Diablo 2 & 3 Dichotomy, Broken Down! - Ep 147
Show Details1hr 4min
Star Wars: Visions - 146
Show Details1hr 12min
145 - PAOW!: Pathfinder: WotR, Hunt: Showdown PvE
Show Details51min 7s
144 - Game SHOWDOWN: Hollow Knight Vs X-Com 2
Show Details45min 44s
143 - The Green Knight, Evangelion, Ghost of Tsushima DC
Show Details56min 13s
142 - The Great Blizzard Meltdown
Show Details1hr 7min
141 - Most Annoying Boss Battles of All-Time, Probably
Show Details1hr 2min
140 - Rob Goes Full Loki, Kathleen Kennedy is a Variant!?
Show Details57min 32s
139 - PAOW! Luca, Mech Warrior 5: Mercs, Bo Burnham, MSG: Hathaway
Show Details37min 17s
69 x 2 - Sexy Game Reviews, The Sequel
Show Details52min 57s
137 - Top 10 Canceled Games
Show Details1hr 5min
136 - Top 9 Films We Love to Hate - A Ronin Roasting.
Show Details1hr 8min
135 - Mass Effect Destroys a Marriage, Fantasian Review, Death Stranding
Show Details1hr 4min
134 - Top 9 Films we Always Go Back To
Show Details1hr 3min
133 - Love, Death, & Robots S2: A Ronin Roasting
Show Details58min
132 - F***, Marry, Chill: Mass Effect Edition
Show Details56min 52s
131 - Invincible, Bad Batch, MCU Phase 4 News
Show Details1hr 12min
130 - Apple Vs Epic: Sort of Explained, Winter Falcon and Captain Soldier Review
Show Details57min 17s
RGOP 129 - The Games We Always Go Back To
Show Details1hr 4min
128 - Falcon and Winter Soldier Ep 3-4, General Shenanigans
Show Details1hr 13min
RGOP 127 - Roast of ZS Justice League, Ghost of Tsushima Retrospective
Show Details1hr 33min
RGOP 126 - Top 9 Mobile Games, Falcon and Winter Soldier Ep 1-2
Show Details1hr 13min
RGOP 125 - Top Open World Games of All-Time, Playing and Watching
Show Details1hr 9min
RGOP 124 -Fantasian, Pokemon Arceus, FFVII Intergrade, Avatar and DC News
Show Details1hr 20min
RGOP 123 - Favorite Game Couples
Show Details1hr 23min
RGOP 122 - 2021 Games Talk, WandaVision 6 & 7
Show Details56min 41s
RGOP 121 - Games We Want in 2021, Dragonball Z Kakarot
Show Details1hr 14min
RGOP 120 - Mutants in the MCU Theories, WandaVision 4-5, Google Stadia News
Show Details1hr 11min
RGOP 119 - WandaVision Ep 1-3, Color out of Space, DBZ Kakarot
Show Details1hr 9min
RGOP 118 - Geek Newsbeat: Hot Vamp Momma, Tech, Star Wars, Godzilla
Show Details53min 32s
RGOP 117 - Karate Kid S3, Bi-weekly Playing and Watching
Show Details1hr 23min
RGOP 116 - Star War The High Republic and Geek Newsbeat
Show Details53min
115 - Mando S2 Unpacking, Cyberpunk Uncensored
Show Details1hr 35min
RGOP Special: An Evening With a Silicon Knight
Show Details1hr 58min
RGOP 114 - CyberPunk 2077 First Impressions, New Star Wars Shows!, VGA News Round-up
Show Details1hr 30min
RGOP 113 - Getting Caught Up on Mando with Rob and Alex
Show Details55min 11s
RGOP 112 - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Weeb Casino, Mando Ep 14,
Show Details1hr 42min
RGOP 111 - GOTY 2020, Mando Episode 11, Week in Geek News
Show Details1hr 53min
RGOP 110 - Week in News, Mando Ep 10, Phasmophobia
Show Details1hr 42min
RGOP 109 - The Mandalorian RETURNS, Phasmaphobia, Geek and Gaming News
Show Details1hr 48min
RGOP 108 - Cyberpunk 2077 Pre-Review Apocalype, the Week in News
Show Details2hr 4min
RGOP 107 - The Gang tackles Squadrons, Karate Kid, and Coca-EEN
Show Details1hr 33min
RGOP 106 - Where Are All the MCU Shows?, Hades, No Man's Sky
Show Details1hr 47min
RGOP 105 - The Social Dilemma, Bethesda Fallout, PS5 Pre-order-pocalypse
Show Details1hr 31min
RGOP 104 - Kang the Conqueror in the MCU?, Lovecraft Country
Show Details1hr 32min
RGOP 103 - The Boys S2 1-3, Mario 3D All-Stars
Show Details1hr 32min
RGOP 102 - Marvel/20th Century Fox Retrospective, GamesCom 2020
Show Details1hr 45min
RGOP 101 - DC Fandome, The Batman, High Score Doc
Show Details1hr 35min
RGOP 100 - RGOP Retrospective, Halo Infinite, Umbrella Academy S2 Spoiler Discussion
Show Details1hr 47min
RGOP 99 - Ashes of Creation, Tencent Tangle, Umbrella Academy
Show Details2hr 2min
RGOP 98.1 - Ghost Of Tsushima: The Masquerade Feat. Bobby Bladez of Inhuman Experience Pod
Show Details52min 6s
RGOP 98.2 - Microsoft Showcase, Shin Megami Tensei on Switch
Show Details1hr 47min
RGOP 97 - Marvel Phases 4 and 5 Preview, Gaming News Round-up, Ubisoft, Studio Trigger
Show Details1hr 45min
RGOP 96 - Rian Johnson Redemption?, Criticism: Ninten-Do or Ninten-Don't?
Show Details1hr 48min
RGOP 95 - Mixer Nixed, Classic TMNT, The Future of Blizzard
Show Details1hr 35min
RGOP 94 - PS5 Reveal, Death Loop, Space Force
Show Details1hr 14min
RGOP 93 - Kill Team Showdown, CD Projekt Red vs Bethesda, Classic TMNT
Show Details1hr 31min
RGOP 92 - Space X Launch, Space Station 13, Rob's Top 5 Games Talk
Show Details1hr 49min
RGOP 91 - Sony State of Play, Zack Snyder's Justice League, Witcher 3 Retrospective
Show Details1hr 33min
RGOP 90 - Jurassic World: Dominion and Star Wars News, Favourite Games Special
Show Details1hr 12min
RGOP 89 - Cyberpunk 2077, Tales From the Loop, Diablo 2 Remaster
Show Details1hr 2min
We Be Goblins 1.0 - Bonus Patreon Episode
Show Details30min 46s
RGOP 88 - Star Wars Day Newsbeat, Tales From the Loop, Age of Sigmar
Show Details1hr 21min
RGOP 87 - The Gang Goes Yurt-Punk
Show Details1hr 28min
RGOP 86 - Animal Crossing Black Market, Final Fantasy VII Remake SPOILERS, Roll 20 vs Foundry
Show Details1hr 17min
RGOP 85 - DualSense and PS5, Final Fantasy VII Non-Spoiler Discussion
Show Details1hr 8min
RGOP 84 - Warhmmer 40k Kill Team, Table Top Simulator, Ozark S3, Mountain Blade 2
Show Details56min 15s
RGOP 83 - The Mandalorian Season 2 News (SPOILERS?), Doom, The Ax Man Comic Preview
Show Details1hr 24min
Ronin Geek Official Adspot
Show Details56s
RGOP 82, Part Two - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Sonic the Movie, Adam Finally Plays RDR2
Show Details1hr 5min
RGOP 82, Part One: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge (and a bit of MCU News)
Show Details1hr 3min
RGOP 81 - Skyrim Modding: The History, the Hilarity, the Controversy
Show Details1hr 18min
RGOP 80 - Animal Crossing Retrospective and New Horizon Preview
Show Details59min 40s
RGOP 79 - Birds of Prey, Jedi: Fallen Order, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer, Blizzard Updates
Show Details1hr 57min
RGOP 78 - Blizzard's PR Meltdown, Outer Wilds, Jedi: Fallen Order, Pathfinder Stories
Show Details1hr 49min
RGOP 77 - Temtem on Steam, Frost Punk: Last Autumn, AI Dungeon Adventures
Show Details1hr 29min
RGOP 76 - Biggest Games of Q1, Studio Ghibli on Netflix!? (Or not?), The Demise of the Renner App
Show Details1hr 42min
RGOP 75 - Greatest Games of the Last Decade
Show Details1hr 26min
RGOP Special Discussion Topic: The Politics of Modern Media (Or: Sense and Nonsensibility?)
Show Details35min 34s
RGOP 74 - The Witcher TV Series, The Mandalorian Finale, Outer Worlds, Hellier S2
Show Details1hr 58min
RGOP 73 - The Rise of Skywalker Deep-Dive, The Witcher, Mando Ep 7, The Future of Star Wars
Show Details1hr 37min
RGOP 72 - Xbox Series X, Mando Ep 6 Deep-Dive, Star Wars 9 Predictions, Nuzlocke Challenge
Show Details1hr 46min
RGOP 71 - Boba Fett Returns!(?), Wonder Woman 84 and Black Widow Trailers, GOTY Meltdown
Show Details2hr 8min
RGOP 70 - Mando Episode 4 Talk, Biggest Gaming News Stories of 2019
Show Details1hr 41min
RGOP 69 - Sexiest Video Games of All-time (or not) and The Mandalorian Ep 3 "The Sin" Discussion
Show Details2hr 4min
RGOP 68 - The Mandalorian Ep 1&2 Deep-dive, Disney Plus Launch, Nuzlocke Pokemon Sword and Shield
Show Details2hr 21min
RGOP 67 - Pokemon Dexit, Starsector, The Expanse, Star Wars News
Show Details1hr 30min
RGOP 66 - BlizzCon 2019: Diablo 4, WoW Updates, Overwatch 2, Ring Fit Adventure
Show Details2hr 10min
RGOP 65 - The Most Mysterious and Spooky Videos of the Dark Web!
Show Details1hr 11min
RGOP 64 - Fortnite News Beat, Blizzard-Gate, Save Colony, What We Do In the Shadows
Show Details1hr 38min
RGOP 63 - Joker Film Review and Theories, Spooky Stuff, RTS Games Nerd Rage
Show Details2hr 3min
RGOP 62 - Promare Review, Star Wars 9 Updates, MCU Rankings, WoW Updates, Dragon Quest XI
Show Details1hr 50min
RGOP 61 - Windsor Comic Con Live-Cast, MCU Films RANKED, Death Stranding, Adam Tackles R2-D2
Show Details57min 55s
RGOP 60 - X-Men in the MCU, Dragon Quest Retrospective, Final Fantasy VII Remake News
Show Details1hr 55min
RGOP 59 - Nintendo Direct Breakdown, Joker Movie, Damned, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
Show Details2hr 21min
RGOP 58 - Star Citizen, Joker Trailer and Impressions, Colony, Hunt: Showdown
Show Details1hr 35min
RGOP 57 - D23 Star Wars and Marvel Newsbeat, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Star Citizen, Spider-Man
Show Details1hr 28min
RGOP 56 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, WoW Classic, The Boys Review 2/2, Cannon Busters
Show Details1hr 53min
Runescape - Bonus Patreon Episode
Show Details1hr 10min
RGOP 55 - The Boys Review (SPOILERS), Pathfinder 2.0 Q&A, Orna Updates (Best GPS RPG ever!)
Show Details1hr 44min
RGOP 54 - Orna Mobile, Pathfinder 2.0, The Boys, Genesis RPG Maker, Blade in MCU
Show Details1hr 36min
RGOP 53 - SDCC, Marvel Phase 4 Timeline, Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review, Pathfinder Story Time
Show Details1hr 38min
RGOP 52 - Stranger Things 3 and Spider-Man Far From Home Reviews! SPOILERS
Show Details2hr 12min
RGOP 51 - Marvel Phase 4 Rumours, Spider-man, Upcoming Marvel Games, Stranger Things 3
Show Details1hr 39min
RGOP 50 - Wizards Unite, The Future of Netflix, Black Mirror S5
Show Details1hr 55min
RGOP 49 - Niantic News, Wizards Unite, Nintendo E3 Direct, Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Show Details1hr 14min
RGOP 48 - Pokemon Direct, Black Mirror S5, Google Stadia Updates, E3 2019 Best of Show (So far)
Show Details1hr 30min
RGOP 47 - Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, E3 2019, Pokemon Announcements
Show Details1hr 19min
RGOP 46 - Minecraft, Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age, Sony + Microsoft News, PS5 Rumour Mill, Huawei
Show Details1hr 34min
RGOP 45 - Pokemon Detective Pikachu Review, Game of Thrones FINALE Spoilers Discussion
Show Details1hr 37min
RGOP 44 - Final Fantasy VII Remake, Game of Thrones S8:E3/4/5 Spoiler-cast, Favourite Anime
Show Details2hr 16min
RGOP 40.5 - The Lost Episode! Game of Thrones S8E1 Spoilers, Pathfinder Stories With Adam
Show Details34min
RGOP 43 - LIVE! From Free Comic Book Day, The Mandalorian, Sonic Trailer MELTDOWN, Disney +
Show Details58min 57s
RGOP 42 - Avengers Endgame Review and Discussion (Spoiler and Non-Spoiler Segments!)
Show Details1hr 42min
RGOP 41 - Halo TV Series, Mortal Kombat 11, Game of Thrones S8E2, Final Fantasy on Switch, Star Trek
Show Details1hr 45min
Bonus Ep - A Conversation with Intalekt
Show Details22min 10s
RGOP 40 - The Rise of Skywalker, Game of Thrones, Jedi Fallen Order, FAR: Lone Sails, Star Wars
Show Details1hr 28min
RGOP 39 - Shazam! Review, Nintendo Switch Leaks, Cowboy Bebop Casting, Sekiro and Pleb-gate
Show Details1hr 44min
RGOP Episode 38 - Sony State of Play, Borderlands 3, Stranger Things S3, Indie Gaming, Apple Arcade
Show Details1hr 4min
RGOP 37 - Legend of Zelda: Cadence of Hyrule; Love, Death and Robots S1 Awards Panel; Google Stadia
Show Details1hr 59min
RGOP 36 - Avengers Endgame; Love, Death and Robots; Umbrella Academy Rundown; James Gunn is back!
Show Details2hr 4min
RGOP Episode 35 - Game of Thrones S8 Preview, Captain Marvel, Devil May Cry 5, DC TV and Movie News
Show Details1hr 57min
RGOP 34 - Pokemon Sword & Shield Direct, Momo Creepypasta and Urban Legends, Beatsaber and VR
Show Details1hr 31min
RGOP 33 - Alita: Battle Angel Review and Spoilers, Umbrella Academy, Fallout 76 DLC, Future of MCU
Show Details2hr 27min
RGOP Episode 32 - Nintendo Direct, Bully 2, Link's Awakening, Umbrella Academy, Walking Dead News
Show Details1hr 50min
RGOP Episode 31 - Apex Legends, Resident Evil 2, Another Eden, Nightflyers
Show Details1hr 23min
RGOP 30 - Kingdom Hearts III, Metroid Prime 4, Titans S1 Review/Spoilers, Batman, Beatsaber and VR
Show Details1hr 36min
RGOP 29 - Dragon Ball Super: Broly Review & Spoiler-cast, Pathfinder: Past, Present and Future
Show Details2hr 5min
RGOP Episode 28 - Into the Spider-Verse Review/Spoiler-cast, Bandersnatch, Star Wars Games, Hellier
Show Details1hr 32min
RGOP Episode 27 - Resident Evil 2 Remake, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Star Wars IX, Moonlighter
Show Details1hr 7min
RGOP 26 - Future of Star Wars, 2019 Gaming First Look, Classic Maxis Games Rant
Show Details1hr 5min
RGOP 25 - Smash Brothers Ultimate Review, VGA Big Reveals, Avengers 4 Trailer Breakdown
Show Details1hr 22min
RGOP Episode 24 - Cowboy Bebop Live Action, GOTY, PS Classic Flop?, Red Dead Online, Darksiders 3
Show Details1hr 36min
RGOP Episode 23 - Pokemon Let's Go Impressions, Fallout 76, Walking Dead, Atari VCS, Stan Lee
Show Details1hr 28min
RGOP Episode 22 - Detective Pikachu Trailer Reactions, Smash Bros New Characters, More Red Dead
Show Details1hr 19min
RGOP Episode 21 - Red Dead Redemption 2 Stories, Nintendo Direct, PS Classic, Lethal League
Show Details1hr 11min
RGOP Episode 20 - Pokemon Let's Go, Horror Shows for Halloween, 2019 Blockbuster Preview
Show Details1hr 23min
RGOP Episode 19 - Venom Review and Spoiler-cast, New Harry Potter Game, The Mandalorian, FFXV
Show Details1hr 17min
RGOP Episode 18 - Nintendo Direct News, Is "Iron Fist" Saved? Spider-Man and Venom Film History
Show Details1hr 38min
RGOP Episode 17 - Spider-Man Retro Games cast, Weird Mobile Gaming
Show Details1hr 5min
RGOP Episode 16 - Cyberpunk 2077, Star Wars IX (and X??) News Breakdown
Show Details1hr 25min
RGOP Episode 15 - Games with Pirates, Okami HD, Disney Streaming, Steam, Call of Cthulu, Fortnite
Show Details1hr 14min
RGOP Episode 14 - SSBU Nintendo Direct, WoW, Octopath, Star Wars 9 News, Top 10 Fighting Game Cameos
Show Details1hr 22min
RGOP Episode 13 - Top 25 N64 Games Retro-Cast, No Man's Sky NEXT
Show Details1hr 51min
RGOP Episode 12: Octopath Traveler, SDCC, Broly Movie, New Godzilla
Show Details1hr 3min
RGOP Episode 11 - Ant-Man and the Wasp Spoiler-cast, A Good Halo TV Series, Gaming and Movie News
Show Details1hr 2min
RGOP Episode 10 - Jurassic World 2 Spoiler-Cast/A Night in the Woods/Netflix Marvel Shows
Show Details1hr 38min
RGOP Episode 9 - E3 2018 BLOWOUT!! And Podcast Cat!!
Show Details1hr 44min
RGOP Episode 8 - Pokemon Let's Go/Fallout 76
Show Details56min 27s
RGOP Episode 7 - Han Solo Spoiler-cast and bonding over Masters of Teras Kasi memories
Show Details1hr 1min
RGOP Episiode 6: Deadpool 2 Spoiler-cast/Gaming News/Deadpool 3 Predictions
Show Details1hr 24min
RGOP Episode 5: Pre-E3 Leaks, Favourite DCU Film Poll Results, Battlestar Galactica Tangent
Show Details1hr 21min
RGOP Episode 4: Nintendo Online/Last Jedi Plot Massacre/Han Solo Preview
Show Details1hr 22min
RGOP Episode 3 - Avengers: Infinity War Review and Spoiler-cast
Show Details1hr 28min