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Romance Novels For Dudes

It’s finally time us men had our own romance novels. St. James St. James is the greatest sexual icon in the history of the world. He bones hard, is completely unapologetic, and probably f**ked your grandma. These stories are just as horrific and awe-inducing as you can imagine. You’re welcome.


Chapter 8 - Queef Mittens
Show Details26min 36s
Chapter 7 - St. James St. JamesGoes To Jail
Show Details31min 4s
Chapter 6 - Sex On Top OF My Dead Son’s Casket
Show Details42min 54s
Chapter 5 - Being Poor Sucks
Show Details38min 38s
Chapter 4 - They Dipped My Son In Gold
Show Details33min 5s
Chapter 3 - An Impromptu Bukkake Sesh
Show Details29min 20s
Chapter 2 - I Cheat On My Wife, So What?
Show Details25min 24s
Chapter 1 - Being Rich Is F**king Awesome
Show Details24min 1s
Romance Novel For Dudes Trailer
Show Details3min 4s