Right Side of the Compass

Join the incredibly handsome Luke and Rody on Right Side of the Compass. This is a long-form discussion podcast where we discuss culture, politics, relationships, finance, and other topics that you may be interested in. We also invite guests, who, while being more well-read, will not be as handsome as us. We will also take questions from the audience, budget permitting.


What The Rittenhouse Verdict Says About America
Show Details1hr 8min
Jews Being Indigenous to Israel? What Does That Mean?
Show Details1hr 5min
Liz Cheney Being Excised From The GOP, and The Austrian Lockdown and Vaccine Mandate
Show Details48min 16s
EP 4 - Big Bird Tweets About the Vaccine, New Jersey 2021, and Israel's New Tourism Policy
Show Details1hr 2min
EP 3 - Part 2 - A Pre Pandemic Pew Research Poll on Online Dating
Show Details1hr 4min
EP 3 - Part 1 - NJ Truck Driver Wins the Senate Race, Organ Transplant Controversy, and A Super Cold
Show Details58min 43s
Ep 2 - Facebook Rebrands to Meta, and the Youngkin Campaign in Virginia
Show Details55min 44s
Ep 1 - Taxing the Rich, Puppy Experimentations, and The Alec Baldwin Shooting
Show Details53min 42s
Special Ep 1 - Political Compass Test Part 1
Show Details34min 15s
Welcome to The Right Side of The Compass!
Show Details1min 28s