Rifts & Rules: A 5e Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

We cover the rules of 5e D&D with our two hosts, Nathan, the Dungeon Master from the Riftwake Podcast, and Remy, who plays Morris on the Riftwake Podcast. This show airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 1PM UTC.


Episode 28: Fighters
Show Details28min 37s
Episode 27: Voices
Show Details16min 58s
Episode 26: Druids
Show Details43min 44s
Episode 25: Beholders
Show Details54min 58s
Episode 24: Clerics
Show Details50min 8s
Episode 23: Wish
Show Details35min 45s
Episode 22: Bards
Show Details29min 59s
Episode 21: Combat Balance
Show Details13min 13s
Episode 20: Barbarians
Show Details32min 8s
Episode 19: Building a Town
Show Details45min 13s
Episode 18: Artificers
Show Details34min 25s
Episode 17: Patrons
Show Details27min 16s
Episode 16: Villains
Show Details17min 23s
Episode 15: Social Contract
Show Details30min 53s
Episode 14: Movement
Show Details35min 37s
Episode 13: Character Backstories
Show Details22min 55s
Episode 12: Trolls
Show Details23min 47s
Episode 11: Prestidigitation
Show Details26min 57s
Episode 10: Making NPCs
Show Details15min 54s
Episode 9: Experience
Show Details26min 24s
Episode 8: Gold
Show Details23min 23s
Episode 7: Spellcasting
Show Details29min 15s
Episode 6: Warlocks
Show Details23min 35s
Episode 5: Death & Dying
Show Details19min 38s
Episode 4 : Combat (Part 2)
Show Details12min 20s
Episode 3 : Combat (Part 1)
Show Details17min 44s
Episode 2 : Character Creation
Show Details13min 20s
Episode 1 : The Basics
Show Details8min 4s
Rifts & Rules: Intro
Show Details2min 42s