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Rice n Mics

Exploring the every day Asian Australian culture, experience and what makes us unique. The podcast brings on a variety of guests to get different perspectives and stories.

Gradually releasing episodes.


35 - The Ozbargain Interview
Show Details53min 46s
Collab: Sydney vs Melbourne, Red Flags in Girls and Utter Nonsense w/ Two Besties One Braincell Podcast (Preview)
Show Details3min 15s
Collab: How to tell if a guy likes you? w/ Highkey Asian Podcast (Preview)
Show Details3min 6s
34 - Tactically Positioned Red Flags
Show Details1hr 8min
33 - Growing up Korean-Australian // South Korea Travel Tips
Show Details1hr 5min
32 - The 2021 Recap [With Video]
Show Details55min 19s
31 - PUSHAS: The Sneaker-Head Market
Show Details55min 27s
30 - Sydney Food Boy
Show Details58min 53s
29 - 3 Things We're Doing After Lockdown
Show Details55min 7s
28 - 1 Episode to Fall in Love
Show Details1hr 9min
27 - The Lockdown
Show Details34min 27s
26 - Studying Abroad: Amsterdam
Show Details45min
25 - The Bad Driving, Kung Fu Mathematician
Show Details58min 7s
The Rice n Mics Trailer [Updated 2021]
Show Details1min 15s
24 - Western Sydney Asians
Show Details38min 52s
23 - The Uno Reverse Card
Show Details1hr 4min
22 - Asian Drinking Culture
Show Details46min 43s
21 - The Dodgeball Diaries
Show Details49min 34s
20 - IT's a Beautiful World
Show Details49min 24s
19 - What a Bargain! Pt. 2
Show Details41min 16s
18 - What a Bargain! Pt. 1
Show Details57min 3s
17 - The Oz-tag Diaries
Show Details52min 50s
2020 Recap
Show Details15min
16 - The Bamboo Ceiling
Show Details38min 1s
15 - The Bartending Life and Experience
Show Details49min 2s
14 - The Lawyer Life and Experience
Show Details57min 13s
13 - The Instant Noodle Kit & Caboodle
Show Details1hr 12min
12 - The PT Life and Experience
Show Details53min 59s
11 - The Fruit Cutting Punisher
Show Details53min 41s
10 - Anime Culture and Japan
Show Details1hr 10min
09 - The Importance of your First Job
Show Details59min 2s
08 - Interracial Dating
Show Details46min 20s
07 - Local Conspiracies, Stories and Feng Shui
Show Details54min 44s
06 - Teaching, the HSC and Education Path
Show Details1hr 16min
05 - The Chef Life and Experience
Show Details1hr 7min
04 - The Money Game, Family Dynamics and Expectations
Show Details1hr 27min
03 - Travelling, Experiences and Bucket Lists
Show Details1hr 39min
02 - COVID-19, Social Distancing, Where's All The Toilet Paper?
Show Details51min 42s
01 - Backgrounds, Families and Green Card Marriages
Show Details33min 26s
00 - Welcome to the Rice n Mics Podcast
Show Details41s