Rhythms: Devotionals from Sanctus Church

Learn to live with faith and hope in the face of fear and uncertainty. Take a moment to root your daily rhythms in the way of Jesus. A collection of devotionals, meditations, and thoughts from the voices of Sanctus Church.


You Are With Me
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Keep the Fire Burning
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Why We Need Rest
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Our Ultimate Certainty
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A Time to Remember
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Becoming People of Love
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Made Perfect in Weakness
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Same Mission, Different Methods
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Down But Not Out
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Invitation to Wholeness
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Childish or Childlike?
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Jesus Exceeds our Expectations
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Be a Witness to Jesus
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We Thirst for More
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Choosing Love During Crisis
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The Power of Perspective
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God Finishes What He Starts
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Sharing Joy and Sorrow
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Living in and from Hope
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Build Each Other Up
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God is our Provider
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Light out of Darkness
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Holy Week: Pray
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Holy Week: Invite
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Holy Week: Trust
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Holy Week: Awaken
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The Secret to Contentment
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How to Worship
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Nothing Can Separate Us
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Through the Valley
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Be Still and Trust
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Holy Habits
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Strength in Numbers
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You're Not Alone
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Disciplines over Distractions
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