Revolution From your Bed

My name is Roi Shternin and I have spent almost one-third of my life in bed being so sick I couldn't walk or talk anymore. After diagnosing and rehabilitating myself from POTS syndrome, Teaching myself to walk and talk again at the age of 27 I'm trying to help others get out of their beds and their comfort zones.


What’s holding you back?
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Are you in a toxic relationship?
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Patients deserve to know.
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Are we being held prisoners of our own illness?
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Too lazy to run? Walk.
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How knowing your "Why" will save your startup
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Knowing how to tell your story might save your life
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Stop multitasking, Focus!
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Is a college degree useless?
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Do we really need to make our dreams come true?
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New Year's resolutions
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The quarantine that saved me
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Dealing with Family & Friends while being sick
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Starting Revolutions in your own communities with Dr. Ivana Kostic'
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Undiagnosed? Chronically ill? You are not alone!
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Are we really Acting or reacting?
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The book that saved my life (and might save yours)
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The uncomfort zones
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Trailer - How did I start a revolution from my bed?
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