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Revitalize Kindness

We are living in a “me culture” society where many take on a persona with the aid of social media of “It is my life, my thoughts, my journey, and I am more relevant than you!” I began to ask myself, what happened to people just getting along or playing nice? We just don’t appreciate each other like we used to. In a world where our businesses and public policies preach diversity, inclusion, and equity, it’s ironic that our diversity seems to be causing us to divide; it is our inclusion that excludes people of faith; our thoughts on equity are simply bringing to the forefront a new form of inequality!

My hope and prayer is that Revitalize Kindness will remind us all to love one another so that we can make this a better world. I hope you all will continue to join me on this journey of loving our God and each other, while creating opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord!