Revitalize Kindness

At Revitalize Kindness we believe that kindness has the power to change the world! In each episode we will explore life with kindness and how we can systematically change our world simply by changing the lens in which we see the world. My hope is to keep kindness at the forefront of our minds and our conversations so that we can change our culture by cultivating kindness within our sphere of influence.


Mobile Worship w/guest Dylan Drye
Show Details40min 53s
Time for Reflection
Show Details22min 47s
The Busy Squirrel
Show Details20min 11s
Check Your Vitals-Session 2
Show Details23min 24s
The Mrs. Thomas Episode
Show Details10min 55s
Opportunity Knox
Show Details14min 29s
Grace is Good
Show Details11min 44s
Show Details13min 42s
"Family Mentality"
Show Details23min 57s
Show Details19min 7s
Mobilize Your Superpower!
Show Details22min 13s
Check Your Vitals (Session 1)
Show Details20min 44s
New Life...Finding Common Ground
Show Details19min 42s
Random Thoughts of Kindness
Show Details12min 8s
Don't Desensitize, Revitalize! The Quest to Save Kindness...
Show Details29min 24s
Be You or BU...That is the Question!
Show Details10min 15s
Pandemic Awakening!
Show Details16min 43s
Introduction to Revitalize Kindness
Show Details6min 25s