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Retro Resolutions

A retro games podcast. Each episode Dylan and Matt cover a different topic in retro games; CRTs, emulators, FPGAs, filters, and much more retro game-adjacent topics will be discussed.


14 - Summer Vacation!
Show Details2hr 22min
13 - Soundtracks
Show Details56min 15s
12 - Retro Computers
Show Details1hr 10min
11 - Box Art
Show Details1hr 23min
Special Episode: How Steve Jobs Responded to Microsoft Taking Halo from Mac to Xbox - An Interview with Ed Fries
Show Details19min 1s
10 - All-in-One Launchers
Show Details1hr 25min
9 - Our Favorite Handhelds
Show Details1hr 9min
8 - CRTs
Show Details1hr 12min
7 - MiSTer
Show Details1hr 14min
6 - Analogue Pocket & Anbernic RG552
Show Details1hr 20min
5 - Keeping Up with What's New in Old Games
Show Details1hr 22min
4 - Favorite Emulators & Features
Show Details1hr 14min
3 - Personal Retro Updates
Show Details1hr 2min
2 - Physical vs Digital Collections
Show Details1hr 3min
1 - What is Retro?
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 0 - Setting the Tone
Show Details55min 34s