Everything in existence today is either stacked vertically or horizontally, of which breaks it all into compartments. In today’s world when we speak of resolution which is formed from the word "resolve", we refer mostly to the pixel stack on our devices, be it in our mobile phone or the HDTV at home. High definition displays are simply 1920 vertical pixels by 1080 horizontal pixels. When you zoom into the pixels you will note that no singular pixel in the stack contains more than one color tone; this means there can only be one tone per compartment. This rule applies to everything seen and unseen.

Everything in existence can be resolved, resolution wise, into specific compartments, and with a singular tone of approach having properly identified where everything belongs; it is then easy to successfully isolate and resolve all things with aesthetic ease. This implies that everything in life has a perfect and permanent solution in resolving it. Some nearby approach may work partially or momentarily or not even work at all but the resolver's approach tracks down all things into its core center, from where it can be uprooted and resolved.

This also connotes that every single situation, problem, or circumstance can be properly isolated and comprehended from its source pedestal and compartment thereby bringing about a valid solution that works one hundred percent of the time, even as the "resolve" can't be defied by the problem when properly applied. This exceptional resolving capacity is the exclusive purview of The-Resolver; that fixes everything, including resolving all people, thereby presenting you with the exactness of what to do next in order to gain traction in life. This Podcast is just one of such avenues that The-Resolver aims to utilize in helping everyone who needs pressing answers to life’s vicissitudes of unresolved questions.