Resistance Recovery

Author, Recovery Activist, and Researcher Piers Kaniuka is reimagining addiction, recovery, and community in the 21st century. The Resistance Recovery podcast is dedicated to the exploration of any and all topics related to recovery, spirituality, and culture.

Join Piers as he interviews thought leaders working at the cutting edges of cultural transformation. 

Piers Kaniuka, MTS, MS, has worked with thousands of addicts and alcoholics in his 25+ years in the field. Discover RR's new paradigm of recovery by visiting


James Newell
Show Details1hr 12min
Brett Greene
Show Details1hr 1min
Peter Panagore
Show Details1hr 5min
Hannah Schwartz
Show Details43min 21s
Sherri Mitchell
Show Details48min 7s
Howard Storm
Show Details1hr 11min
Aaron White
Show Details1hr 4min
Kent Dunnington
Show Details57min 3s
Are Thoreson
Show Details51min 13s
Steven Snider
Show Details1hr 21min
Lissa McCullough
Show Details1hr 26min
Michael Martin
Show Details1hr
Tom Cheetham
Show Details1hr 27min
Gary Lachman
Show Details1hr 10min
Robert Sardello
Show Details1hr 4min