Prison Stories from Walla Walla: Lost without their culture

43m | Apr 20, 2023

Chance Carson missing in Omak WA. Last seen on the Colville Reservation, please contact the FBI or

Chief had his resentencing and we travelled to Yakima for his hearing. This was an extremely powerful day. I truly hope that there will be healing and that Chief is planning to achieve Reservation Redemption, as much as anyone can.

Three stories from Native men in prison. Moses, Daniel and Neil will take you on a journey into their lives. All three were in different stages of their sentences. Neil has been in prison most of his life and should be starting a new life on the outside in November. All hope to achieve something better and to be better, when they are done serving their sentences.

Chief has also been a part of their lives as they have attended his restoration therapy group. Those who have attended and have truly started to take responsibility for what got them to this place in their lives.

The cultural spiritual programs these guys have helped create include Pow Wow's, Sweat Lodge, Language and Art. Most of the men incarcerated did not know their culture before prison. This program Chief has worked so hard on at Walla Walla, has made a difference in helping these guys find themselves.

When you are lost and don't know who you are, it is easy to fall. When you have your culture and spirituality, it gives you a foundation on which to grow. Francis Cullooyah was the spiritual leader that taught Chief and now Chief is teaching others.

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