An Act of Kindness for a Family in Need and Life Changing Guidance: All from Behind Bars

29m | May 1, 2023

Every time I record this Podcast, I think of Danny Trejo. I find myself watching all of his documentaries and movies. He is a true inspiration and has a great outlook and still pays it forward. I have heard from Chief, that he is a legend to the guys in prison. The ones that inspire to be better look up to him.

Francis Cullooyah is a spiritual leader who walks his talk. He is from the Kalispel Reservation. He radiates knowledge and runs himself ragged helping others. His social life is beyond any influencer out there. I am a better person for having met him.

Chief started programs in prison to help others. His beading program relies on donations to keep the guys busy. He learned to bead, speak his language, perform sweat lodge ceremonies and organized a yearly Pow Wow. This was all to bring those who wanted to be uplifted and inspired a place to belong. His restorative therapy group helped those unable to face their actions, to look at it, like a mirror.

His group would find people in need and send out gifts to help with auctions for those going through a tough time, as well as the elders in nursing homes that need cheering up. He found a way to make this happen.

One of the stories is Sneena Brooks and his family. I met Sneena in Spokane with a group of Chief's supporters to hear his story. He had a son dying of a childhood cancer. Trips to Children's Hospital in Seattle was a hike and expensive to maintain. Chief heard about his situation and he and his group sprang into action to provide a box of handmade items that could be auctioned off to help with those expenses.

Mike Hoover was in Walla Walla with Chief and while he isn't Native, Chief welcomed him into the group. Chief would welcome any one that wanted to learn and be better. Mike recalls his time at Walla Walla and how Chief treated him, when he heard about his clemency. Chief was in for life without at the time and celebrated Mike.

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