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Provoking a profound Reminder of Grace for our lives, today.


Episode 112 - Finding Triumph in Tragedy
Show Details26min 13s
Episode 111 - Unity in a Culture of Uniformity(Conformity)
Show Details22min 36s
Episode 110 - Worship for the Ages, Interview with Kyle Walker
Show Details40min 33s
Episode 109 - Identity Crisis, Part Two, Why Does It Matter?
Show Details28min 26s
Episode 108 - Identity Crisis, Part One - Who Am I?
Show Details23min 20s
Episode 107 - Race and the Gospel, Part 2
Show Details21min 42s
Episode 106 - Race and the Gospel, Part 1
Show Details21min 44s
Episode 105 - Political Christianity vs. Gospel-Centered Citizenship
Show Details22min 30s
Episode 104 - Where Did All the Anvils Go?
Show Details22min 47s
Episode 103 - Tell Me About Your Church
Show Details20min 42s
Episode 102 - What is the Gospel?
Show Details28min 12s
Episode 101 - Who Is Jesus?
Show Details25min 40s
Episode 100 - Introduction(Pilot)
Show Details23min 49s