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Remember That Guy?

Hosts Justin and James, along with Very Special Guest Xavier, take roughly an hour whenever they can to do what sports fans love to do best: sit around and remember some Guys.

But just what is a Guy? To paraphrase Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart "I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of [players] I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description [...] But I know it when I see it". Whether it's a perennial postseason under- or over-performer, a hometown hero who only appears that way through rose colored glasses, or just a really great story that has to be shared; Guys of every shape, size, sport, and gender are welcome in the storied halls of our memories.

So sit back, relax, stop worrying about playoff positioning, draft order, or the dreaded salary cap. Take some time, instead, to Remember That Guy.


RTG? 034: The Butter-Guy Effect
Show Details1hr 41min
RTG? 033: Kentucky Fried Colonels
Show Details1hr 25min
RTG? 032: Krazy Kus and the Kross Kountry Koriolis Effekt
Show Details1hr 33min
RTG? 031: Mission Im-Boz-ible
Show Details1hr 34min
RTG? 030.4: How To Become A Sports Sicko In Three Easy Steps
Show Details1hr 8min
RTG? 030.3: Who Wants To Be A Guy-llionaire?
Show Details1hr 14min
RTG? 030.2: For Your Consideration - Heart of (Tempered) Glass
Show Details1hr 17min
RTG? 030.1: Bans A Make Her Dance, Sponsored by Haterade
Show Details1hr 12min
RTG? 030: Reliti-Guy-Tion 3: Tokyo Drift
Show Details39min 12s
RTG? 029: No Bauvinism Allowed
Show Details1hr 37min
RTG? 028: A Brawl Broke Out At The Fight
Show Details1hr 37min
RTG? 027: A Good, Company Guy
Show Details1hr 34min
RTG? 026: Big Wall Energy
Show Details1hr 39min
RTG? 025: Sexual Chocolate Thunder
Show Details1hr 32min
RTG? 024: A Barryal Ground
Show Details1hr 23min
RTG? 023: The Hoagie Baker Award
Show Details1hr 35min
RTG? 022: The Dalai Banana
Show Details1hr 30min
RTG? 021: 2 Good 2 Guy
Show Details1hr 33min
RTG? 020.3: For Your Consideration - JYD2.0
Show Details51min 10s
RTG? 020.2: For Your Consideration - Naked John Malkovich
Show Details55min 34s
RTG? 020.1: For Your Consideration - Do Not Censor This Episode
Show Details54min 53s
RTG? 020: Reliti-Guy-tion First Blood Part II
Show Details50min 37s
RTG? 019: Reversal of Fortune
Show Details1hr 37min
RTG? 018: The Philly Special
Show Details1hr 37min
RTG? 017: The House Always Wins
Show Details1hr 24min
RTG? 016: From Mobile to Minsk
Show Details1hr 28min
RTG? 015.1: The Big Game Hangover
Show Details48min 13s
RTG? 015: "Technically Correct, The Best Kind of Correct"
Show Details1hr 29min
RTG? 014: The Hottest Things On Ice
Show Details1hr 30min
RTG? 013: Every Villain Is Lemons
Show Details1hr 30min
RTG? 012: Where In The World Is Mike Sillinger
Show Details1hr 31min
RTG? 011: Beefcakes in the Jungle
Show Details1hr 30min
RTG? 010.3: High Fantasy Football
Show Details59min 42s
RTG? 010.2: The 2021 GOTYs
Show Details33min 29s
RTG? 010.1: That Other Hall
Show Details1hr 24min
RTG? 010: Reliti-Guy-tion
Show Details44min 58s
RTG? 009: Doing A Bradbury
Show Details1hr 22min
RTG? 008: The Math Checks Out
Show Details1hr 20min
RTG? 007: Larboardly Fellows
Show Details1hr 19min
RTG? 006: Hazzard Alley-Oops to Slaughter
Show Details1hr 4min
RTG? 005: The Professional Athlete to School Principal Pipeline
Show Details1hr 10min
RTG? 004: "I Don't Get Off Work Till 9"
Show Details1hr 6min
RTG? 003: Golden Helmets and Free Wigs
Show Details1hr 7min
RTG? 002: Foam Syringes and Reggaeton
Show Details1hr 2min
RTG? 001: New Jersey Monster Energy Football Club
Show Details1hr 7min