Religion Unplugged

Religion explored through candid conversations and original reporting. This podcast is powered by The Media Project, a network of more than 1,000 journalists worldwide. TMP acknowledges that religion is growing and becoming more, not less important in the world.


What Happened when this man tried to live Literally by the Old Testament for a year?
Show Details33min 58s
An Interview with Brazil’s feminist Christian author
Show Details27min 40s
Kieran Dodds: A New Look at Ancient Religion in Ethiopia
Show Details31min 23s
Steven Waldman: American faith once solved the problem of religious violence
Show Details55min 37s
Deep Dive Answers About Sri Lanka's Easter Attacks
Show Details35min 7s
Christianity in Africa
Show Details34min 27s
How Christians stopped killing each other in N. Ireland
Show Details11min 57s
ISIS in Africa
Show Details20min 28s
The Desert and the Sea
Show Details27min 13s
Finding Truth in Song
Show Details28min 11s
A Bullet Through The Brain
Show Details12min 18s
Never Forget: Clemente Lisi looks back at the 9/11 attacks to educate future generations
Show Details14min 16s