#13 Ocean Friendly Jewellery | With Vandaya

Season 1 | Episode 13
1h 9m | Feb 18, 2021

"We recycle precious metals into new jewellery and advocate plastic-free oceans and coral reef restoration", says Amalie Marstrand, Co-founder and CEO of Vandaya Jewellery. The brand's goal is to make long-lasting jewellery that is affordable for everyone. Another important thing about Vandaya is that their values are highly cantered around the challenges of the oceans. That's why they ship all products in 100% compostable shipping mailers (to prevent plastic pollution), are working on having a zero-carbon footprint, and on top of that - donate 10% of their profits to ocean conservation. Amalie emphasises that sustainability is not their end-goal, instead - it's a journey. Therefore, they continuously work on more sustainability initiatives and designs!

Use a promo code (mentioned in the podcast ) to get 15% discount on your next jewellery purchase from beautiful Vandaya Jewellery collection (valid for all products that aren't already discounted). Let’s all contribute to responsible jewellery production and plastic-free oceans!

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