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The Record Has Gone. - Liverpool United FA Cup Build Up
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Refereeing Is A Joke!
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Liverpool - Manchester United Build Up
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A Disappointing Set Back.
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The Reds Are Still Top.
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Christmas Special
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Jones Secures Last 16!
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VAR Ruining Football
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Clinical Reds Sink Leicester
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Fuck International Football.
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Rampant Reds Are Back!
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Boring Results Win Games
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Reds Back Winning!
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VAR ruining Football - Liverpool Everton Post Match
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We Are Liverpool.
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Taki & Jones dominate Lincoln
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SADIO SUNDAY'S - Liverpool Chelsea Post Match
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Magical MO! - Liverpool Leeds Post Match
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The Reds Are Back
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Jamie Webster Interview
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The Perfect End To The Season
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Wednesday Is A Day In History
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Referee's are a waste of time!
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Magnificent Mo! Brighton Post Match
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Liverpool Aston Villa Post Match Reaction
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Liverpool City - Post Match (Still Champions)
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Liverpool Are Premier League Champions!
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Merseyside Derby Match Reaction
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Merseyside Derby Build Up!
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Premier League Returns!
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Premier League Suspended!
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What was that?! Watford Liverpool Post Match
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Athletico... Welcome to Anfield
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5 More Cup Finals
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Clinical Liverpool
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The Kids Are Alright
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Ep:02 The 16 Point Clear Reds
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Redscast EP:01 - United build up and everything in between
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