Redefined Podcast With Alexis

I'm Alexis! I'm a mom of soon to be three boys redefining what it means to be a stay at home mom, entrepreneur, wife in the modern day. Sharing my life and the lives of other woman with big dreams and full plates


Making Waves With Caitlyn Dixon
Show Details40min 41s
Husband and Wife Q&A 2.0
Show Details45min 45s
Overcoming Trauma To Thrive- My Story
Show Details38min 20s
Interior Designs Next Big Name? Carissa McAuley's Journey To Success
Show Details45min 47s
2020 Got Me Like... On The Top 5 Seller List! Trisha Zimmerling
Show Details45min 13s
Woman In Business- Marriage, Miscarriage, and Building Success
Show Details53min 49s
Making 2021 Your Best Year! No More Excuses!
Show Details30min 30s
I'm Back B*tch- Where have I been?!
Show Details20min 46s
Lash Queen, The Rise To The Top
Show Details51min 48s
Independent Powerhouse Jasmine from Sp Events
Show Details1hr 4min
Together Moving Mountains
Show Details26min 26s
Balancing Act- Tammy Bertram CFO and Mom trying to do it all
Show Details54min 17s
Why Relationships FAIL. What no one talks about.
Show Details48min 29s
WTF kid! Your not alone moms
Show Details26min 49s
Newlywed Q&A
Show Details48min 9s
Redefined Intro
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