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Redeemer Students exists to glorify God through the fulfillment of the grat commission.


Grace to You: Ephesians 1:1-2 (HS)
Show Details34min 20s
2. God is Infinite (MS)
Show Details26min 58s
Proverbs: Trust in the Lord
Show Details39min 17s
Proverbs: Chidren and Parents
Show Details35min 43s
Proverbs: The Tongue
Show Details30min 19s
Proverbs: The Sluggard
Show Details40min 30s
Proverbs: True Friendship
Show Details43min 21s
Ephesians: Cosmic Reconcilition in Christ (HS)
Show Details35min 6s
1. The Trinity (MS)
Show Details38min 13s
Young People - Remember your Creator
Show Details36min 45s
Proverbs 5:1-23: Sexual Sin, Marriage, and Jesus
Show Details40min 30s
Jesus’ Power over Sin and Death: John 5:1-9
Show Details39min 19s
Jesus The Friend of Sinners: Luke 7:36-50
Show Details41min 23s
Jesus’ Heart for the Outcast: Mark 1:40-45
Show Details34min 33s
Thr Rise and Fall of King Solomon: 1 Kings 1-11
Show Details47min 4s
The Forbidden Woman (Proverbs 7)
Show Details31min 4s
The Fool
Show Details38min 15s
True Wisdom (Proverbs 1:7)
Show Details27min 47s
Why Did King Solomon Fall? 1 Kings 11:1-13
Show Details47min 5s
1 Kings 10: Whispered Warnings From the Wisest
Show Details35min 48s
1 Kings 10: Is it Enough?
Show Details30min 7s
1 Kings 9:1-9: Blessings or Curses
Show Details33min 51s
1 Kings 9:1-9 - Better Than Gold
Show Details25min 55s
1 Kings 8:22-66: A Method of Prayer
Show Details31min 58s
1 Kings 8:1-21
Show Details36min 15s
The Greater Jonah: Matthew 12:38-42
Show Details38min 16s
John 2:13-22: Zeal For My Father’s House
Show Details38min 31s
Greater Works Than These: 1 Kings 5:1-18
Show Details46min 55s
The Beauty and Glory of the Lord: 1 Kings 7:1-51
Show Details31min 33s
The Temple of God: 1 Kings 6:1-38
Show Details36min 12s
YAC Session 4: Live Q&A
Show Details50min 11s
YAC Session 3: God’s Word in Spiritual Revival
Show Details42min 18s
YAC Session 2: The Sufficiency of Scripture
Show Details36min 5s
YAC Session 1: God Speaks and Why We Should Listen
Show Details31min 26s
When Wisdom Reigns: 1 Kings 4:1-34
Show Details35min 58s
Galentines Message by Kaitlyn Stead
Show Details39min 36s
Recieving Wisdom: 1 Kings 3:1-28
Show Details39min 15s
Securing Peace in the Kingdom: 1 Kings 2:1-46
Show Details38min 23s
Long Live King....?? 1 Kings 1:1-53
Show Details40min 4s
The Gospel According to 1 Kings (selected scriptures)
Show Details36min 8s
Show Details42min 45s
Perserverence (Can I lose My Salvation?)
Show Details36min 26s
Sanctification (How to Grow in Christ)
Show Details39min 32s
Table Talk With Collin Jones: Sanctification
Show Details37min 18s
Table Talk with Collin Jones on Adoption
Show Details33min 53s
Adoption: Middle School Sermon by Collin Jones
Show Details20min 1s
Show Details40min 34s
Reformation Day Special with Collin Jones
Show Details47min 54s
Show Details25min 38s
C.P.R. (Conversion: Middle School Sermon)
Show Details36min 42s
True Conversion
Show Details34min 38s
Regeneration (The New Birth)
Show Details37min 36s
Effectual Calling
Show Details31min 48s
Show Details45min 46s
Faithful: Matthew 25:14-30
Show Details24min 2s
The Idolatry of Self
Show Details40min 52s
The Church in Rome: Acts 28:23-31
Show Details28min 37s
The Church in Ephesus: Acts 19:1-20
Show Details40min 18s
The Church in Corinth: Acts 18:1-11
Show Details32min 46s
Searching For Meaning: Ecclesiastes 2:1-11
Show Details42min 15s
Overcoming The Fear of Man
Show Details45min 8s
The Church in Thessalonica & Berea: Acts 17:1-15
Show Details40min 39s
Life In Christ: Colossians 2:6-7
Show Details31min 20s
Friendships: I Really Need Them
Show Details50min 24s
Fear God, Not Man: 1 Samuel 15
Show Details42min 29s
The Church at Philippi: Acts 16:11-34
Show Details36min 31s
The Soul Winning Church: Acts 2:47
Show Details37min 57s
Life Together: Acts 2:42-47
Show Details38min 1s
A Spirit Filled Community: Acts 2:42-43
Show Details37min 45s
How to Become a Christian: Acts 2:13-41
Show Details47min 59s
The Descent of the Holy Spirit: Acts 2:1-13
Show Details34min 18s
Breakout: Glorifying God as Men in a Post-Christian World - JT Stead
Show Details40min 24s
Breakout: How Can Women Today Bring Glory To God - Betsey Dirkse
Show Details47min 26s
Main Session: Show Me Your Glory - John Dirkse
Show Details35min 28s
The Ascension of Christ: Acts 1:9-11
Show Details32min 31s
8. Repentance: Isaiah 55:7
Show Details30min 9s
Enduring to the End (Daniel 1-12)
Show Details40min 21s
HIS-STORY (Daniel 11:1-12:4)
Show Details37min 43s
7. Faith: Mark 1:15
Show Details23min 54s
The Toxic Myth of Self Love - Kaitlyn Stead
Show Details26min 23s
Preparing For Conflict (Daniel 10:1-11:1a)
Show Details36min 25s
6. The Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:3-6)
Show Details20min 51s
5. Jesus The Substitute (Philippians2:5-8)
Show Details25min 59s
The Hearer of Prayer (Daniel 9:20-27)
Show Details33min 50s
Learning to Pray (Daniel 9:4-19)
Show Details36min 32s
4. Hell (2 Thessalonians 1:7-9)
Show Details26min
3. Sin (Romans 3:23a)
Show Details23min 56s
Inspired to Pray (Daniel 9:1-3)
Show Details33min 34s
2. God's Law (Matthew 22:37-40)
Show Details20min 41s
The Mercy of Forewarning (Daniel 8:1-27)
Show Details34min 15s
1. God (Genesis 1:1,27)
Show Details22min 19s
The Suffering and Triumph of God's People (Daniel 7:1-28)
Show Details35min 58s
The Ordinary Means of Grace: The Lord's Supper (The Baptist Catechism Q107-108)
Show Details10min 53s
The Ordinary Means of Grace: Baptism (The Baptist Catechism Q100-106)
Show Details21min 24s
The Ordinary Means of Grace: The Ordinances (The Baptist Catechism Q98-99)
Show Details18min 30s
The Heart of the Christ Child (Matthew 11:28-30)
Show Details31min 13s
Living As God's Pilgrims Pt 2 (Daniel 6:11-28)
Show Details33min 10s
The Ordinary Means of Grace: The Word (WSC Questions 88-90)
Show Details14min 6s
Faith & Repentance (WSC Questions 85-87)
Show Details17min 2s
The Penalty For Breaking God's Law (WSC Questions 82-84)
Show Details13min 27s
Living as God's Pilgrims Pt. 1 (Daniel 6:1-10)
Show Details34min 32s
The Writing on the Wall (Daniel 5:1-30)
Show Details35min 37s
Recap 3: Westminister Shorter Catechism (Questions 39-81)
Show Details14min 14s
The 10th Command (WSC Questions 79-81)
Show Details15min 21s
The 9th Command (WSC Questions 76-78)
Show Details15min 24s
The 8th Command (WSC Questions 73-75)
Show Details13min 6s
Pride Comes Before A Fall (Daniel 4:1-37)
Show Details32min 40s
The 7th Command (WSC Questions 70-72)
Show Details11min 12s
One King To Rule them All (Daniel 4:1-37)
Show Details33min 11s
Training: The Killing Sin Process
Show Details52min 11s