REDCON ONE LEADERSHIP  Is here to add value to your leadership.

Podcasts are a great way to build a genuine connection with the community around us and at large. We believe that everyone has the ability to lead. Redcon 1 Leadership Team looks forward to connecting with you and to be the source that supports your organization’s strategic leadership. To contribute to the development of Dimensional Leaders at the High State of Readiness (REDCON 1)

Redcon One Leadership Is a project that would like to connect with you and contribute to leaders at all levels in your organization such as, Social Clubs, Parents, Church to Government agencies, and Small and medium-sized businesses. 

What we are sharing with you? Leadership Golden nuggets, Leadership mental hack, and technics draw from life experiences from combat situations to corporate America as well as enterprise leadership. Redcon 1 Leadership believes that leadership can be learned by nearly anyone. The Greek philosopher Plato said, “The greater part of the instruction is being reminded of things you already know.” That’s what the best learning is. 

We will help you truly understand in a new and clear way something that they have long sensed intuitively. Where you can have “aha moments.” throughout this podcast experience as we all learn together. While climbing the leadership ladder together.


001 : Intro episode Leadership Definition
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