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Red School Bus - Kids Comedy

Red School Bus is a kids comedy podcast where we bring your hilarious real-life stories into the spotlight. Join James and Little James each week for the best in clean comedy and entertainment.


93: Canoe Caper
Show Details35min 22s
92: By A Nose
Show Details38min 1s
91: The Over-broke Toe
Show Details25min 51s
90: Same Split
Show Details34min 20s
89: Super Dog
Show Details28min 50s
88: Camporama
Show Details40min 58s
87: Cereal Milk Girl
Show Details32min 55s
86: Double Bounce
Show Details34min 25s
85: Narthex Con 2022
Show Details42min 8s
84: Gum Shoe
Show Details32min 48s
83: Bad Call
Show Details25min 7s
82: Slimy Slugs
Show Details36min 2s
81: Pets & Pests
Show Details47min 47s
80: No Kiss for Rex
Show Details36min 8s
79: The Red School Bus
Show Details35min 36s
78: Just Plane Drama
Show Details34min 3s
77: Back Buster
Show Details33min 6s
76: Dodgeball Face
Show Details42min 31s
75: Bee Dress
Show Details46min 48s
74: Scary Lucky
Show Details30min 56s
73: Pinchy Pinch
Show Details36min 9s
72: The Bricks
Show Details35min 51s
71: Hairbrush Injury
Show Details43min 7s
70: The Christmas Repair Service
Show Details20min 38s
69: Blob Babble
Show Details33min 58s
68: White-Out Eye
Show Details35min 16s
67: Disaster Magnet
Show Details40min 3s
66: Guinea Pig Pee
Show Details37min 6s
65: Cat Spinning
Show Details29min 39s
64: Train Trouble
Show Details35min 25s
63: Booger Brat
Show Details43min 18s
62: Barrel of Fun
Show Details27min 16s
61: Stick Stuck
Show Details26min 59s
60: Jeffery
Show Details35min 39s
59: Bleacher Bump
Show Details32min 40s
58: Christmas Devil
Show Details40min 32s
57: Love At First Slice
Show Details36min 51s
56: The Extra Present
Show Details35min 28s
55: Super Smooth
Show Details47min 48s
54: My Phobia
Show Details41min 51s
53: Pretty Baby
Show Details41min 46s
52: Tortoise Toot
Show Details29min 33s
51: Tooth Turmoil
Show Details38min 40s
50: Charmander Chase
Show Details36min 21s
49: YEET!
Show Details44min 48s
48: NASCAR Nanny
Show Details39min 33s
47: Poopsplosion
Show Details29min 49s
46: The Shadow Man
Show Details32min 55s
45: Bat to the Face
Show Details33min 8s
44: Mustard Fire Power
Show Details33min 31s
43: Mystery Mud
Show Details20min 34s
42: Roly-Poly
Show Details24min 14s
41: The Marble
Show Details27min 19s
40: Twilight Talking
Show Details34min 8s
38: Eat the Street
Show Details29min 58s
37: Mama Moose
Show Details39min 31s
36: Squirrely Squirrels
Show Details34min 11s
35: Second Story Scream
Show Details45min 50s
34: Bad Bunny
Show Details43min 58s
33: Toilet Seat Secret
Show Details37min 30s
32: A Rock in the Ear
Show Details37min 15s
31: Roasted Toasted Fuzz Bud
Show Details43min 33s
30: Why, Why Waterslide
Show Details47min 1s
29: Fat Cat
Show Details31min 59s
28: Squishy Scorpion
Show Details42min 24s
27: Mr. Baxter
Show Details37min 39s
26: Too Many Teeth
Show Details34min 48s
25: Puke Wig
Show Details47min 50s
24: Lemon Football
Show Details31min 5s
23: Scary Vibes
Show Details48min 17s
22: Adult Experience
Show Details46min 38s
21: Aliens
Show Details54min 12s
20: Kia Ora
Show Details46min 17s
19: Spaghetti to the Face
Show Details43min 42s
18: Miraetical
Show Details40min 4s
17: Jenna Stories
Show Details27min 3s
16: Southerners Like To Eat Cows
Show Details55min 46s
15: Narthex Con 2019
Show Details47min 22s
14: That’s A Lot of Cash
Show Details28min 38s
13: Puppy Spaghetti
Show Details51min 2s
12: Breadgetables
Show Details38min 20s
11: Nose Slobber
Show Details34min 38s
10: Strawbaza
Show Details42min 26s
9: Flippy the Fish
Show Details31min 32s
8: Nerd Day
Show Details24min 8s
7: The Undead Gerbil
Show Details40min 34s
6: Wolf House
Show Details47min 13s
5: That’s Why I Am Green
Show Details40min 52s
4: Secretly Trick Candles
Show Details33min 32s
3: Fuzzy Oreos
Show Details27min
2: Ten Seconds of Dangling
Show Details32min 4s
1: To the Moon
Show Details28min 12s