Red Line Boston - Fiction Series

The Red Line is an audio fiction serial about Pia, a millenial whose heart is set on living in Boston, and the adventures as she navigates her new life in the city and attempts to move near her beloved Red Line.


Episode 21 - Pia's Engagement Party
Show Details17min 10s
Episode 20 - The Unstoppable Denouement
Show Details16min 47s
Episode 19 - Fires of Every Front
Show Details18min 8s
Episode 18 - Spring Break: Baltimore
Show Details20min 56s
Episode 17 - Campus Crisis
Show Details17min 7s
Episode 16 - Lori's Architecture Meeting
Show Details16min 59s
Episode 15 - Painting Tian
Show Details15min 16s
Episode 14 - Bleak Days
Show Details23min 25s
Episode 13 - A Visit to Tian
Show Details17min 24s
Episode 12 - Condo Shopping
Show Details20min
Episode 11 - A Visit to Wyatt
Show Details20min 50s
Episode 10 - Rod's Client Sues
Show Details23min 37s
Episode 9 - Lori Warns Pia
Show Details19min 42s
Episode 8 - Meet Billionaire Tian Wu
Show Details16min 34s
Episode 7 - Campus Readies for Parents
Show Details19min 21s
Episode 6 - Fall Foliage Weekend
Show Details24min 19s
Episode 5 - Rod's McMansion
Show Details21min 11s
Episode 4 - First clash
Show Details24min 59s
Episode 3 - First date
Show Details14min 10s
Episode 2 - Pia meets Rod
Show Details17min 23s
Episode 1 - Welcome to Red Line
Show Details20min 21s
Red Line - Fiction Series Teaser
Show Details1min 6s