Red Hornets 2020 Season (Throwback Sports Productions)

Paying homage to the games of yesteryear, brothers Ben and Mike relive blasts from their pasts in professional-grade sportscasting. This season, we're diving into Backyard Baseball 2001 with the Red Hornets and a randomly picked team of backyard kids.


RS Game #7 - Hornets vs. Jr. Wombats
Show Details45min 27s
RS Game #6 - Hornets vs. Angels
Show Details43min 21s
RS Game #5 - Hornets vs. Mariners
Show Details37min 43s
RS Game #4 - Hornets @ Rangers
Show Details41min 41s
RS Game #3 - Hornets @ Angels
Show Details50min 32s
RS Game #2 - Hornets @ Mariners
Show Details50min 48s
RS Game #1 - Hornets vs. Rangers
Show Details39min 36s