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Red Desert Role-Play

An actual-play podcast where friends from across Wyoming roll their dice through an epic, collaborative tale. Our story takes place where sorcery and steampunk collide: the world of Verrilan, created by author (and our GM), Aaron Volner.

Once, the world of Verrilan was lush, with beautiful seas and vast continents peopled with colorful civilizations…And then, came the Fog. No one knew what it was. No one knew where it came from. But in less than a decade it covered the land, killing most it encountered and driving the rest to bloodthirsty madness. Civilization was forced to flee to the Floating Islands, situated high above, and pray to their gods that it would be enough to deliver them. 10,000 years have passed. The Fog still roils below, ever present as it blots out the land and the seas, its threat never truly forgotten. Yet civilization carries on in the Floating Islands with the help of the Sky Ships, steam powered marvels that much resemble the great seafaring vessels of old.

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The Cobalt Phoenix
Show Details1hr 36min
Maiden Voyage to Verrine
Show Details1hr 25min
Afterplay w/Aaron
Show Details7min 12s
The Scarlet Quilin
Show Details49min 29s
The Formation of Family
Show Details1hr 19min
Out of the Festival, into the Fog
Show Details2hr 4min
Fog of Verrilan Trailer
Show Details2min 34s