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Red Chuck Chronicles

Ever find yourself wanting to hit the road, take a flight or just get away but had no clue where to start, where to go or who to go with? If that is you, the Red Chuck Chronicles podcast with your host Nikki is going to offer you tips, stories and more on all things travel related. There is an entire world out there waiting to be explored and we want you to be comfortable and confident in your decisions to step outside and discover the world that awaits you.


Season 2 Final Episode - Recap, Future Episodes, and Final Tip of the Season
Show Details16min 16s
Travel Tales: Mexico
Show Details17min 30s
Unpacking Some Travel Myths
Show Details15min 57s
Planning A Group Trip
Show Details18min 47s
Favorite Travel Adventures
Show Details19min 36s
Multi Country Travel
Show Details21min 15s
My Favorite European Countries
Show Details21min 20s
Dear Diary: Mother's Day Edition
Show Details19min 16s
Travel Tales: From a Retiree’s Perspective
Show Details35min 24s
Traveling in Your Own Backyard
Show Details21min 13s
Travel Tales: Costa Rica Chicas
Show Details31min 34s
Traveling as a Black Woman
Show Details21min 45s
Back in These Streets Part II
Show Details16min 48s
Back in These Streets Part I
Show Details19min 56s
Adapting During Covid
Show Details19min 23s
Season 2 Opener: Welcome Back
Show Details13min 24s
Season 1 Finale Episode 16
Show Details13min 31s
Travel Tales: Capital Jazz Fest Edition Part 2
Show Details30min 55s
Travel Tales: Capital Jazz Fest Edition Part 1
Show Details19min 49s
Airbnb - Episode 13
Show Details21min 8s
Travel Basics Part III: You Made It! Now What?
Show Details19min 26s
Packing Like A Pro - Episode 11
Show Details19min 8s
Travel Basics Part II: Airport Tips
Show Details22min 39s
Travel Tales: Mother's Day Edition - Episode 9
Show Details19min 25s
What Type of Traveler Are You? - Episode 8
Show Details21min 25s
Travel Basics Part I: Know Before You Go
Show Details19min 51s
Traveling During COVID - Episode 6
Show Details14min 23s
Don't Be Scared: Part II- Episode 5
Show Details28min 52s
Don't Be Scared: Part I - Episode 4
Show Details28min
Travel Is My Therapy - Episode 3
Show Details14min 46s
So Much to See - Episode 2
Show Details8min 26s
This Is Me - Episode 1
Show Details9min
Red Chuck Chronicles Trailer
Show Details1min 17s