#184 - Death to Spectator Christianity: Alex Seidler

Season 2 | Episode 184
1h 16m | Mar 5, 2024

Alex Seidler is back! Duke and Alex spend time remiscining over leading worship in the early 2000's and transition into a discussion about the kindness of God, surrendering to Jesus and leading from a posture of servanthood. Alex points out that the world is in desperate need of the people of God expressing the heart of the Father in the way that we lead ministries and do life together. People are hungry for the authentic. For real community. Alex also points out that spectator Christianity is to go. As leaders we cannot be content with doing all the ministry for the people to see. We need to demonstrate in such a way that empowers others to discover the leadership potential within them and express the nature of the Kingdom in their lives. It's a different kind of leadership that leads FROM sacrifice not FOR affirmation.

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