New War

38m | Jul 24, 2023

We talk about “Reaching the world for Jesus one person at a time.” We celebrate people getting baptized all the time, and we’re growing rapidly as a church body. Yet, the work God wants to do through us in the future makes everything He has done pale in comparison with what has already happened. Isn’t that incredible? Remember that Jesus said that the “Gates of hell won’t prevail against His church”? That means that we as a body of believers in Jesus not only can reach the world but will reach the world if we are willing to go all in with Jesus. And Satan is helpless and powerless to do a thing to stop us. Who isn’t excited about THAT prospect? Let’s be a church that defies Satan knowing that our battle is already won. Let’s be a church that goes into the roughest, most dangerous areas of our city because we know that darkness can never win against the light that Jesus’ church brings wherever it goes. Let’s be a church that refuses to give Satan an inch of progress in our lives, our church, our homes, our neighborhoods, and our workplaces. This is the picture of the church that Jesus gives!