Relationships in Church

41m | May 21, 2023

Jesus is making all things new. There are several spheres of influence that we have as we go about life. As we follow Jesus, He begins to change us in every one of those areas. That’s what we have been talking about – we started this series talking about the first sphere – our abiding relationship with Jesus. Then last week Richie introduced us to the second sphere – the church. This is where we are going to pick up today. As followers of Jesus, we have been given a mission to reach this world for Jesus one person at a time. The primary way that we do this is by being in intentional relationships with the people around us – as we grow together in being and making disciples of Jesus. That word relationship is what can get us into trouble. Mostly from personal experience, we all bring our own definitions to what relationship looks like – most of which look totally different. Jesus’ church has always been and still is where we are supposed to learn how to be in intentional relationships with the people around us.