44m | Apr 17, 2023

When we come to faith in Jesus – we bring all our brokenness and baggage – maturing is about leaving that behind and becoming someone new. All things are made new in Christ. If we don’t work out our salvation with fear and trembling – we risk staying in the same place as where Christ rescued us. Still wrestling in our broken ways. Are you becoming new in all areas of your life? Pursue, connect, give and multiply. Are you maturing in Christ? This is my heart in this message and in this whole series…are we becoming new? Are you allowing Jesus to transform every area of your life? We baptize so many people around here – we call us to get connected in a group – but maturity is isn’t just connection – it’s a whole process of every area of your life being transformed. We can’t accomplish this on a Sunday – we need conversations and relationships to help us mature this way. So let’s start the conversation on Sunday’s and allow you to work through this in your connections and relationships.