New Habits

37m | May 9, 2023

As a church, what kind of people are we going to be? The saddest Christian in the world is the one who only seeks God half-heartedly or casually. That person cannot enjoy sin anymore because they know it’s wrong but will not experience any of the joy and fulfillment of the gospel because they are not all in with Jesus. Remember Jeremiah’s statements? Those who seek God wholeheartedly will be in for the adventure of their lives. Those who are half-hearted and compromise will live a life of pain and separation from the goodness of God. When we look at the gospel, it is hard not to be moved by the goodness of God and hunger to know him better. The only way we will genuinely reach this world for Jesus one person at a time is by laying a foundation of faithful connection to God through day-in, day-out spiritual discipline. This world needs something real. They need SOMEONE real. They need Jesus. The more connected we are with him, the more people will see him shining through our lives. God loves you and wants to be in deep community with you. Will you create the space? Will you let him in?