New Family

36m | Jun 11, 2023

Many of us would probably agree that Jesus should be the center of certain aspects of our lives. But we often draw a line around certain parts of our lives where we don’t allow him to have that level of authority. Sometimes it’s just out of ignorance, and sometimes it’s intentional. One of the top places that we tend to do that is with our families. Our time together rarely involves Jesus, and many times our kids’ sports games or our family hobbies crowd out things like devotional time, going to church, or serving. If we look at our schedules and the way we use our time with our families, it becomes clear that Jesus isn’t really at the center of our families. This has led to things like similar divorce rates within the church as there are outside of the church; kids who are neglected and grow up with bitterness toward their “Christian” parents who really showed them a hollow version of Jesus; pornography addictions and affairs; and many other family-related issues that show what happens when Jesus is pushed out of the picture. Surely God intended better things for our families, right?