Real Life Northside Podcast

Hello! Welcome to the Real Life Northside Podcast - We exist to reach the world for Jesus one person at a time, and we hope this podcast encourages, challenges, and convicts you - we love you!

Please feel free to reach out to us, we can't wait to connect with you.



June 20th | A Kingdom of the Heart | Grayson Belleque
Show Details31min 47s
June 13th | We Respond to God | James St Clair
Show Details31min 17s
June 6th | This is the Life | Richie Shaw
Show Details34min 18s
May 30th | This is Forever | Richie Shaw
Show Details36min 42s
May 23rd | Choose Your Master | Richie Shaw
Show Details32min
May 16th | Chase the Strays | Grayson Belleque
Show Details31min 7s
January 31st | Holy Conflict | Michael Kotsala
Show Details31min 23s
January 24th | Holy Marriages | Michael Kotsala
Show Details35min 26s
January 17th | Holy Sexuality Part 2 | Richie Shaw
Show Details42min 3s
January 10 | Holy Sexuality and Dating | Shane Austin
Show Details29min 57s
January 3rd | Holy Relationships | Richie Shaw
Show Details35min 12s
December 27th | Reflections on Hope | James St. Claire, Michael Kotsala, Shane Austin, & Richie Shaw
Show Details38min 25s
December 24th | Hope is a Person | Richie Shaw
Show Details25min 38s
December 20th | Hope is the Power to Overcome | Richie Shaw
Show Details38min 39s
December 13th | Hope is a Place | Michael Kotsala
Show Details29min 27s
December 6th | Hope is a Promise | Richie Shaw
Show Details30min 38s
November 29th | Confess Your King | Richie Shaw
Show Details33min 36s
November 22nd | How's Your Heart? | Shane Austin
Show Details25min 13s
November 15th | Be Careful How You Seek the Kingdom of God | Richie Shaw
Show Details30min 59s
November 8th | What Camp Are You In? | Michael Kotsala
Show Details29min 52s
November 1st | Perception Determines Your Prayers | Shane Austin
Show Details26min 17s
October 25th | The Good Portion | Richie and Katie Shaw
Show Details22min 28s
October 18th | Compassion Creates Capacity | Shane Austin
Show Details32min 30s
October 11th | Don't Miss the Miracle | Richie Shaw
Show Details27min 38s
October 4th | There Is No Plan B | Michael Kotsala
Show Details27min 18s
September 27th | One Filter, One Focus | Richie Shaw
Show Details30min 10s
September 20th | Anointing Under Authority | Richie Shaw
Show Details33min 45s
September 13th | Listen To Jesus | Shane Austin
Show Details29min 1s
September 6th | From Confession to Conviction | Richie Shaw
Show Details32min 38s
August 30th | More Than Enough | Richie Shaw
Show Details32min
August 23rd | You Are God's Plan to Reach the World | Michael Kotsala
Show Details25min 36s
August 16th | Fear or Faith? | Richie Shaw
Show Details35min 12s
August 9th | Bring Light To Darkness | Richie Shaw
Show Details37min 20s
August 2nd | Where Is Your Faith? | Shane Austin
Show Details28min 8s
July 26th | How to Hear From God | Richie Shaw
Show Details31min 30s
July 12th | Gratitude Grounds Us In Grace | Michael Kotsala
Show Details27min 38s
July 5th | Exchange Expectations with Encounters | Richie Shaw
Show Details32min 42s