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We exist to reach the world for Jesus one person at a time.

We pursue people, connect in real relationship, give of our time, and multiply disciples and churches to see this entire world know Jesus.

Jesus is our model, and we base our entire lives off of His. He came when we were far off from Him, and we cannot afford to pursue any other mission than the one He has laid out for us. Will you join us?

Please feel free to reach out to us, we can't wait to connect with you.



The Wedding Feast
Show Details33min 17s
Passion Is A Choice
Show Details33min 36s
There is Power in Faithful Prayer
Show Details41min 46s
It Is Well- Patience in the Hard Times
Show Details43min 31s
The Trap of Wealth
Show Details37min 47s
Humility is Freedom
Show Details39min 41s
Ruling Over Your Desires
Show Details35min 32s
What is Wisdom?
Show Details36min 10s
The Evil Inside Your Mouth
Show Details40min 19s
What Does Jesus Want Me to Do?
Show Details38min 22s
Why You Keep Judging Others
Show Details40min 24s
Why Is it So Hard to Change?
Show Details40min 25s
How to Find Joy in Tough Times
Show Details29min 29s
Is it Hard to Obey God?
Show Details37min 35s
Why You Have No Room For God
Show Details34min 21s
Why Am I Feeling Stuck?
Show Details38min 53s
Why Can't I Hear From God?
Show Details32min 57s
STOP! Doing Your Own Thing
Show Details32min 38s
God Wants To Have a Relationship with You
Show Details34min 7s
There is Hope
Show Details35min
Purposeful Life
Show Details38min 26s
Responding to Sermons
Show Details33min 6s
Rhythms of Service
Show Details33min 17s
Making Disciples
Show Details37min 26s
Being Discipled
Show Details42min 53s
A Unified Church
Show Details35min 58s
Unified Under Scripture
Show Details35min 50s
Who Is Jesus?
Show Details37min 26s
Who Am I Because of Jesus?
Show Details33min 17s
Why Jesus' Church Has Endured
Show Details44min 17s
Free From the Love of Money Pt. 2
Show Details34min 11s
Free From the Love of Money Pt. 1
Show Details35min 12s
Free From Insecurity
Show Details38min 32s
Free From Yourself
Show Details34min 32s
Consecrate Yourself 2022
Show Details11min 56s
Great Joy in the Gospel
Show Details25min 56s
Great Joy In Inadequacy
Show Details37min 18s
Great Joy In Fear
Show Details34min 29s
December 5th | GREAT JOY | Uncertainty
Show Details34min 18s
November 28th | GREAT JOY | Uncertainty
Show Details32min 13s
November 14th | JESUS' WAY | Understanding
Show Details37min 37s
November 7th | JESUS' WAY | Freedom
Show Details37min 1s
October 31 | JESUS' WAY | Vulnerability
Show Details33min 32s
October 24th | JESUS' WAY | Acceptance
Show Details33min 28s
October 17th | JESUS' WAY | Compassion
Show Details35min 41s
October 10th | 11 Year Celebration
Show Details39min 26s
June 20th | A Kingdom of the Heart | Grayson Belleque
Show Details31min 47s
June 13th | We Respond to God | James St Clair
Show Details31min 17s
June 6th | This is the Life | Richie Shaw
Show Details34min 18s
May 30th | This is Forever | Richie Shaw
Show Details36min 42s
May 23rd | Choose Your Master | Richie Shaw
Show Details32min
May 16th | Chase the Strays | Grayson Belleque
Show Details31min 7s
January 31st | Holy Conflict | Michael Kotsala
Show Details31min 23s
January 24th | Holy Marriages | Michael Kotsala
Show Details35min 26s
January 17th | Holy Sexuality Part 2 | Richie Shaw
Show Details42min 3s
January 10 | Holy Sexuality and Dating | Shane Austin
Show Details29min 57s
January 3rd | Holy Relationships | Richie Shaw
Show Details35min 12s
December 27th | Reflections on Hope | James St. Claire, Michael Kotsala, Shane Austin, & Richie Shaw
Show Details38min 25s
December 24th | Hope is a Person | Richie Shaw
Show Details25min 38s
December 20th | Hope is the Power to Overcome | Richie Shaw
Show Details38min 39s
December 13th | Hope is a Place | Michael Kotsala
Show Details29min 27s
December 6th | Hope is a Promise | Richie Shaw
Show Details30min 38s
November 29th | Confess Your King | Richie Shaw
Show Details33min 36s
November 22nd | How's Your Heart? | Shane Austin
Show Details25min 13s
November 15th | Be Careful How You Seek the Kingdom of God | Richie Shaw
Show Details30min 59s
November 8th | What Camp Are You In? | Michael Kotsala
Show Details29min 52s
November 1st | Perception Determines Your Prayers | Shane Austin
Show Details26min 17s
October 25th | The Good Portion | Richie and Katie Shaw
Show Details22min 28s
October 18th | Compassion Creates Capacity | Shane Austin
Show Details32min 30s
October 11th | Don't Miss the Miracle | Richie Shaw
Show Details27min 38s
October 4th | There Is No Plan B | Michael Kotsala
Show Details27min 18s
September 27th | One Filter, One Focus | Richie Shaw
Show Details30min 10s
September 20th | Anointing Under Authority | Richie Shaw
Show Details33min 45s
September 13th | Listen To Jesus | Shane Austin
Show Details29min 1s
September 6th | From Confession to Conviction | Richie Shaw
Show Details32min 38s
August 30th | More Than Enough | Richie Shaw
Show Details32min
August 23rd | You Are God's Plan to Reach the World | Michael Kotsala
Show Details25min 36s
August 16th | Fear or Faith? | Richie Shaw
Show Details35min 12s
August 9th | Bring Light To Darkness | Richie Shaw
Show Details37min 20s
August 2nd | Where Is Your Faith? | Shane Austin
Show Details28min 8s
July 26th | How to Hear From God | Richie Shaw
Show Details31min 30s
July 12th | Gratitude Grounds Us In Grace | Michael Kotsala
Show Details27min 38s
July 5th | Exchange Expectations with Encounters | Richie Shaw
Show Details32min 42s