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Jah-Red! Week 3 Fantasy and Gambling!
Show Details39min 48s
#23 - Chelsea Monschein comes on to give me a great lesson on wines!
Show Details16min 22s
#22 - Trey and Greyson are on and talk about "good" peer-pressure, granddaughters, and everything in-between.
Show Details43min 22s
#21 - Zelmae with 99Overall Entertainment on the keys and art of making content
Show Details47min 59s
#20 - Robbie Hagopian & the complex situation in Afghanistan
Show Details34min 6s
#19 - Throwback!
Show Details24min 57s
#18 - WE'RE BACK!
Show Details35min 10s
#17 - Trey Melton During the Covid-19 Crisis
Show Details43min 30s
#16 - Jo Dejesus is on to talk about music, politics, and how horrible Eminem is
Show Details2hr 29min
#15 - What Should've Been Darren's Investigation Turned Out to be a Really Good Convo
Show Details29min 55s
#14 - Sam and Robbie Week 4. Worst Trade in History? We Think So.
Show Details1hr 10min
#13 - Week Three Fantasy Talk with a Special Guest Myles
Show Details1hr 6min
#12 - Another Convo w Matt
Show Details1hr 3min
#11 - Another Convo With Drew
Show Details1hr 26min
#10 - Football Week Two with Robbie
Show Details1hr
#9 - A conversation with Robzzzzzzzz
Show Details54min 29s
#8 - A conversation with Ben
Show Details1hr 45min
#7 - A Conversation with Josh
Show Details1hr 3min
#6 - A fantasy football conversation with Trey
Show Details1hr 32min
#5 - A conversation with Nate (Falco)
Show Details1hr 29min
#4 - A conversation with Trey
Show Details25min 20s
#3 - A conversation with Andrew
Show Details58min 32s
#2 - A conversation with my sexy ass baby mama, Natalia
Show Details23min 41s
#1 - A conversation with Matt and Andrew
Show Details14min 34s