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RawThoughts The Podcast

Young people in South Africa face a wide range of day-to-day and lifelong challenges, especially in the townships. RawThoughts The Podcast is a podcast hosted by a group of friends, Vision, Chainz, and M’rendi. The hosts engage in conversations and share their takes on social, economical, political, cultural, current and other affairs that either negatively or positively impact the youth in, but not limited to, South Africa. Occasionally, the podcast features a wide range of guests who are on different walks of life such as entrepreneurs, politicians, creatives, influencers, students, scholars, community leaders, etc.


RawThoughts | Episode 15 [Skrr skrrs, skinny jeans, sex tapes, Black mentality vs poor mentality]
Show Details1hr 1min
RawThoughts | Episode 14 [Astrology, Chakra huns, Witchcraft, Religions, Death, Karma, and more]
Show Details1hr 9min
RawThoughts | Episode 13 [LGBTQ | Conspiracy Theories | Depopulation | Reproduction | more ]
Show Details54min 41s
RawThoughts | Episode 12 [HIV, Life Principles, Forcing things in life, Being humble | and more ]
Show Details1hr
RawThoughts | Episode 11 [Catching Up With X | Loneliness | Life Sacrifices | Dopamine | and more ]
Show Details54min 13s
Episode 10 [Marriage, Cougars and Ben 10, Society influence, fake lives and more ]
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 09 [Women's Month, GBV, Abortion, Talking Stages and more]
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 08 [sex, condomising, raising kids, parent-child relationships, and more]
Show Details48min 58s
Episode 05 [Catching waves, Is a content creator an artist or creative, Influencers]
Show Details24min 3s